Why did JK Rowling make Dumbledore

J. K. Rowling answers unanswered fan questions

Of course, the final volume in the Harry Potter series has answered many of the questions asked by fans. Still, a lot remains open and Joanne K. Rowling herself knows a lot more details about the magical world she invented than is known from her books. In the following, some of the additional information is summarized in German (these are not translations of the original quotes!) That the author reveals in interviews and chats. Current interviews are supplemented and inserted into the existing rubrics. Where the individual information comes from is noted in brackets after the statements.

In interviews and on her website, the author commented on some of the speculations circulating among fans, rejected some, and gave some hint of support. The following compilation only contains the author's statements outside of the books published up to this point in time. For the answers to fan speculations that were only given through the final book events, see Speculations and their resolution. Some of Rowling's comments on fan speculation can also be found in other HPWiki articles:

Harry, Hermione and Ron

After the events described in Volume 7, Provisional Minister of Magic Kingsley Shacklebolt brings Harry, Ron and the other active resistance fighters from Hogwarts to the Auror headquarters of the Ministry of Magic (Neville was also there). They could get on there even if, like Harry and Ron, they didn't graduate from Hogwarts [1].

  • Together with Hermione, who is also starting at the Ministry of Magic after another year at Hogwarts and a brilliant graduation, they completely turn the Ministry upside down and make it a really good institution [2],[3].
  • Ron, Hermione and Harry have been added to the Chocolate Frog collection series [4].
  • Harry Potter
    • now heads the completely redesigned Auror headquarters[4].
    • can't speak Parseltongue since he's no longer a Horcrux and finds it rather relieving [4].
    • is an occasional guest in Defense Against the Dark Arts "free class discussion" at Hogwarts. Whether he will ever return to the school as a defense teacher is still open. The curse on the subject has been broken since Voldemort is no longer alive [2].
    • Harry's scar form has no backstory; JKR just thought it was a cool shape [4].
    • The Horcrux in Harry was not destroyed by the basilisk venom in Volume 2 because Fawkes immediately drowned the antidote into Harry's bite wound with his tears [5].
    • didn't give the magic card to any of his children, but JKR is pretty sure Harry's eldest son James is stealing it from his father's desk [4].
    • An important part of Harry's maturation process was his realization that even Albus Dumbledore was lonely, had his weaknesses, and had made serious mistakes. Although Albus Dumbledore always seemed so kind during Harry's school days, he has something Machiavellian as a powerful puller in the background who holds many strings in his hand and directs Harry like a puppet [5]
  • Hermione Granger
  • Ron Weasley

Other characters

(in alphabetic order)

  • The Dumbledores
  • The Dursleys
    • Dudley Dursley
      • contrary to many fan hopes, has no magically gifted offspring (who, for example, made him appear as the father of a Hogwarts student in the epilogue on platform nine and three quarters) -Rowling has decided that no latent magical gene ready for pairing is compatible with Uncle Vernon's DNA [6]
      • Dudley saw himself for who he really was in the presence of the Dementors. This has changed his attitude towards Harry and sorcery [4].
    • Petunia Dursley
      • Petunia Dursley was reminded by Dumbledore's howler that in her youth she had asked the Headmaster to let her go to Hogwarts too [5].
      • Petunia Dursley will never be able to do magic [7].
      • She was almost ready to wish Harry the best of luck and to confess that she knew about his world and used to be jealous that she couldn't belong to it. But after many years of inner hardening, she didn't bring it to her lips after all (HP VII / 3) [4].
    • Firenze
      • may return to his herd in the Forbidden Forest. The centaurs have realized that working with humans is not a bad thing, it is an honorable thing [4].
    • Florean Fortescue
      • the ice cream parlor owner who disappeared from Diagon Alley was murdered by death eaters. He had something to do with the elder wand, but that story and its resolution didn't make it into the book [1].
    • Godric Gryffindor
    • Hagrid
      • never finds a wife and has no children, because he and Olympe Maxime don't really match each other in terms of character and other half-giants are hard to find [5]
      • has seen many die in his life. Hence the thestrals are visible to him [4].
      • only illegally bred the big-hunk toads at Hogwarts. The Thestral Herd he settled in the Forbidden Forest is the only one in Great Britain, but the genus existed in other places before [1].
    • Angelina Johnson
    • Rita Skeeter
    • Viktor Krum
    • Crookshanks
    • Gilderoy Lockhart
    • Bellatrix Lestrange
      • never really loved her husband Rodolphus. She only married a Pureblood because she was expected to. Her true love was always only for Voldemort [4].
      • has failed with her ideological delusional love and has been defeated by Molly Weasley's "real" motherly love [1].
    • Neville Longbottom
    • Luna Lovegood
    • Remus Lupine
      • couldn't find a job after school as a werewolf. Like James, Lily and Sirius, he was only involved in resistance work [5].
      • He is killed by Antonin Dolohov at the Battle of Hogwarts[4]. His wife Nymphadora Tonks is killed by her aunt Bellatrix Lestrange [4].
      • Lupine and Tonks were supposed to survive the battle for Hogwarts, but Joanne K. Rowling changed his mind [2].
    • Teddy Lupine
      • grows up with his grandmother Andromeda [4].
      • Frequently meets with his godfather Harry and also gets his support when he needs it [4].
      • In literary terms, the death of Remus Lupine and Nymphadora Tonks revealed that their son Teddy grew up as an orphan like Harry himself, but under much better conditions and with Harry as a present father figure [5].
  • The Malfoys
    • Draco Malfoy
    • Narcissa Malfoy
      • is not a Death Eater; therefore she does not have the Dark Mark and is not a real follower of Voldemort. Still, she shares the same views as her husband Lucius. But when she learns that Voldemort is planning the death of her son Draco, her attitude changes [4].
    • Olympus maxim
      • and Hagrid never get married because their characters don't really match [5].
    • Minerva McGonagall
      • officially becomes Headmistress of Hogwarts at first, but moves on later (which area of ​​responsibility she then looks for is not known)[2].
      • was never in love with Albus Dumbledore [4].
    • The room of love
      • is the room whose door, in the Department of Mysteries, cannot be opened. Here the secrets of love are explored. It probably contains a spring or well with a very powerful love potion. On the basis of its effect it can be studied how love can induce someone to sacrifice themselves for their son out of motherly love, like Lily Potter, or to become deluded in love madness and often let go of bad deeds like Bellatrix or Albus Dumbledore [1].
    • James Potter
      • always suspected that Snape was in love with Lily, and this was part of his aggressive behavior towards him [4].
      • could afford to be full-time resistance fighters in the Order with his wife Lily after graduating from high school and to live on James' inherited fortune [5].
    • Quirinus Quirrell
    • Kingsley Shacklebolt
    • Horace Slughorn
      • and other Slytherins ultimately fought on Harry's side at Hogwarts because their good impulses were more weighty [1].
    • Slytherins
      • are not always people who harm others, but are very concerned about their own well-being and advancement[5].
    • Severus Snape
      • As a first grader he was completely rightly sorted into the Slytherin house, because this corresponded to his attitude as a student;
      • joined the Death Eaters, like some other insecure people, to belong to a powerful circle [4].
      • never understood that his black-magical behavior and his Death Eater engagement didn’t impress Lily, but rather repelled her. Had he not been so obsessed with the dark arts as a student, he would probably have gotten together with Lily Evans, because Lily also had feelings for Snape [4].
      • is the only Death Eater who can create a Patronus because Death Eaters typically do not need protection from beings that are driven away by a Patronus [4].
      • tried to hide his Patronus from other members of the Order[4].
      • probably never looked after his hair because he didn't care about how he looked[4].
      • now has a place in the headmaster's portrait series, despite being kicked out before the end of the school year, because Harry campaigned for it. [4].
      • Rowling doubts that Snape can be called a hero. Although Snape fought for the "good side", he is and remains an unsympathetic character. But he is undoubtedly extremely courageous. He only protected Harry because he loved Lily[2]
    • The Death Eaters
      • no longer painfully perceive the Dark Mark on their arms, it will fade and scar, as Voldemort is destroyed [4].
    • Andromeda Tonks
    • Nymphadora Tonks
      • was killed by her fanatical aunt Bellatrix. Her husband Remus Lupine was killed by Antonin Dolohov [4].
      • Lupine and Tonks were supposed to survive the battle for Hogwarts, but Joanne K. Rowling changed his mind [2].
    • Dolores Umbridge
      • was able to create a Patronus even though she was wearing the Horcrux medallion because she did not feel affected at all in connection with something terrible [4].
      • eventually gets locked up and punished for what she did to all of the Muggle-borns [4].
    • Voldemort
      • will not remain in the world as a ghost, although he feared death. He's so mutilated his soul that it will remain crippled forever, just as Harry met it in Chapter 35 [4].
      • never encountered the magical quality of the Resurrection Stone when he was wearing it in the ring on his finger, because the stone is only activated when you turn it three times in your hands [4].
      • never loved anyone. He always only loved himself and the power [4].
      • has managed to close his mind less and less from Harry because he often lost control [4].
      • is related to Harry far beyond the Peverell brothers, just as ultimately all wizarding families are somehow related if you trace their family trees back over several centuries [4].
      • used the following as Horcrux murders see Voldemort's victims
  • The Weasleys
    • Weasley family tree
    • Arthur Weasley
      • actually manages to fix Sirius' flying motorcycle. He then passes it on to Harry [4].
      • Arthur Weasley was supposed to die in Volume 5, but the author changed her mind because she needed him later and because she couldn't bear to let him die, and because otherwise Ron would inevitably have grown up much faster and would have become more like Harry. Instead, she chose a different father[2].
    • Bill
    • Charlie
    • George
      • will probably never quite get over the death of his twin brother Fred, he and Angelina name their first son after him[4];
      • could theoretically get a magic ear, but will probably not do so and come to terms with the hole on the head[4];
      • marries Angelina Johnson and with her they have a son Fred and a daughter named Roxanne[3].
    • Ginny
    • Molly
      • The author had long planned that the motherly Molly Weasley would kill the Voldemort-submissive Bellatrix Lestrange out of motherly love[5].
    • Percy
      • Thanks to his change in attitude under Kingsley Shacklebolt, he made a career in the Ministry and achieved a high position [4]. He and his wife Audrey have daughters Molly and Lucy[3].
    • Ron
    • Victoire
      • Victoire (who smooches with Ted Lupine) is the eldest daughter of Bill and Fleur (HP VII / Epilog)[2].
        Her name is Victoire because she was born on May 2nd, 2000, the anniversary of the victorious battle of Hogwarts [3].
    • The house-elf Winky
    • Wormtail
    • Wands
      • Neville and Ron got on just fine with their inherited wands during their first classes at Hogwarts because, while wands perform well with those who choose them, they also work well with their family members[4].
      • have a sense of who they belong to because of their magical substance. The elder wand is extremely ruthless because only the right of the strongest applies to it[1].
    • The Ministry of Magic

Rowling's original concept

  • Rowling has considered that one of her main characters might die. They are very proud that this option has remained open to the fans until the end[2].
  • Alternative title to "Deathly Hallows": "The Elder Wand" (instead of the chapter title) or "The Peverell Quest" [4].
  • The parallels between the Death Eater regime and the ideologies of a superior race are deliberately reminiscent of the Nazi regime. The Harry Potter series wants to show that horrors can be found everywhere in the magical world and appeals to tolerance. She warns against blindly believing in public opinion and in the authorities[5].
  • Rowling may reveal more later in an HP encyclopedia[2].
  • her wand would probably be like Harry's - holly and phoenix feather[4].
  • she would prefer to have an otter (= her favorite animal) as a Patronus figure; but she has a feeling that it would be a big dog[4].
  • J.K.R. could not stop planning the future fate of her characters after completing the 7th volume, from this, for example, her notes on all Weasley grandchildren were created[3].
  • In the course of writing she changed her mind: whether a child has magical powers or not is revealed during childhood. In later life none will develop any more! (Originally she had planned it differently)[4].
  • Your personal favorite scene is in Volume 7: Chapter 34: The Forest Again[4].

About J. K. Rowling and their plans

  • It will be difficult for the author to find something new for herself after the Harry Potter story to which she is attracted. She doesn't yet know which genre it will be[5].
  • J.K. Rowling has not yet started writing her Harry Potter encyclopedia, and it certainly won't be her next project[5].

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