Masturbates well for athletes

Sex and sport: This is the effect masturbating on your training success

No doubt both exercise and masturbation can relax. However, if you do the former shortly after the latter, the question arises whether the training results are influenced by it.

But does masturbation have a positive or negative effect on athletic performance? At the center of the question is the hormone testosterone.

Masturbation increases testosterone levels

Testosterone levels rise when we are sexually aroused. At the same time, the hormone is involved in building muscles and even in strengthening our bones. So far so good.

But is this canceled by the physical exertion of masturbation?

The disappointing answer is: we don't know. A study from 2001 showed that masturbation does not significantly increase testosterone levels, but effects - whether positive or negative - on exercise performance cannot be clearly demonstrated.

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Sex is good for you - with or without exercise

So there is no clear understanding of the effects of masturbation on our exercise performance. Nevertheless: Sexual activity is generally good for our health, which in turn can only have a positive effect on our athletic performance.

For example, a recent study has clearly shown that heart attack patients who still have an active sex life have much better long-term survival chances.

Sex improves mood and our general motivation. And that can really only be good - even when doing sports!

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