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If you want to get rich quick, there are 6 options ... BUT only a guaranteed to work

There are six possibilities for wealth:


  • Inherit a lot of money.
  • Win the lottery (100 times more likely to die in an accident in the toilet).
  • Start a company like Facebook.
  • Go criminal and go to jail for it.
  • Buy stocks like Warren Buffett and wait till you get old and gray.

But only one variant actually works, with a high probability of occurrence.

  • You are investing in a new business in an emerging boom sector.

Could cannabis be an idea?

Quite a few investors have made fortunes in the past few months from cannabis stocks focused on Canada and the United States.

Few investors have examined the gigantic potential that Europe offers.

FACT IS: In the past 6 months, the European cannabis industry has grown faster than in all of the past 6 years.

Europe has suddenly mutated into a hotbed for the global cannabis industry.

In 10 years you will say to yourself: It was easy, I knew that.

But did you also have the chance to invest and how many thousands or millions of euros did you earn with your knowledge?

Cannabis in the EU will be a $ 100 billion market by 2028

Public and political opinion is now largely in favor of legalizing cannabis.

The number of patients is currently below 100,000, but that number will rise to over 30 million over the next decade.

Using medical cannabis can go well beyond 52 diseases are treated. This makes it the most important health development of the last 20 years.

Source: Prohibition Partners

Prohibition Partners appreciates:

By 2028, Europe will be the largest cannabis market with around 115.7 billion euros.

Europe's potential is over 742 million people. That's more than twice as much as the United States and Canada put together.

The biggest winning share in the running for the most successful EU cannabis start-up:

ICC International Cannabis Corp. (formerly Kaneh Bosm BioTechnology Inc.) (WKN: A2DR6F, ISIN: CA45107911078)

The growth-mad Canadian is just getting started with production and marketing licenses in Africa, Latin America as well as Greece, Slovenia and Denmark.

Despite this mega-potential, there is a challenge that prevents any company from simply cutting a piece of the pie.

"For international cannabis companies, Europe will be one of the most difficult markets due to the strict legal framework, the complex licensing and trading requirements and the cultural and social nuances surrounding cannabis use." write the industry experts at Prohibition Partners.

There are strong reasons that have convinced us that ICC International is predestined to become a winning share for your portfolio right from the start.

There have been quite a few in the last few weeksreally great newsdelivered:

The list of price-relevant news is getting longer and longer:

Market entry in Denmark +++ 35,000 EU pharmacies +++ 2,800 pharmacies in South Africa +++ Production in Lesotho +++ Participation of the cannabis group Auxly +++ ...

  • 17th of September(MAIN News): Auxly Cannabis, nearly 10X larger with CA $ 770 million market capitalization, is acquiring a strategic stake in Kaneh Bosm. Auxly's trust speaks for an investment in Kaneh Bosm.
  • 17th of September: Kaneh Bosm decides to change its name to International Cannabis Corp. This will make the share even more tangible for investors. The new website: www.intlcannabiscorp.com is registered and will bring more excellent news to investors in the future.
  • 12th September: The 100% Kaneh Bosm subsidiary CanAfrica concludes a deal with the infrastructure provider Volare to set up production in Lesotho (Africa), which Kaneh Bosm positions as one of the very few providers worldwide on the fast-growing African continent.

    The market for Lesotho cannabis is flourishing: At the beginning of the year, cannabis market leader Canopy Daddy Cann took over Lesotho for CA $ 29 million. A company that was granted a production license at the same time as CanAfrica. The value of the Africa business could be worth 1/3 of Kaneh Bosm's total market cap.
  • August 28th(Strategic-News): Market entry in Denmark positions KBB in the heart of the EU (Market entry Denmark)
  • August 16: KBB secures the distribution network in up to 2,800 pharmacies in South Africa (News-South Africa)
  • 24th July(Trend-setting news): KBB gets the pharmaceutical sales company Cosmos as an anchor shareholder and also gets access to its sales network35,000 pharmacies in the EU. (EU deal)

At least half a dozen sales licenses in the pipeline

Half a dozen licenses are in preparation, according to management.

In the near future, it will expand in a star shape and supply the largest markets in the EU via its export hubs, including Germany, where cannabis has been legal for prescription since March 2017.

Eugene Beukman, CEO of ICC International, states:

"With currently 4 licenses - Greece, Slovenia, Colombia and Lesotho - the company is currently also concluding talks on at least half a dozen additional licenses in Europe and Latin America. "

Did some of the corporate board members in Canada notice that? Because there is no other way to interpret the highly explosive news that there is no one less than the cannabis company Auxly will participate in ICC International.

Auxly: A group with 1.5 billion euros cannabis production per year participates in ICC International

Strategic acquisitions in the cannabis sector are on the agenda and ICC International has demonstrated with its flow of news how quickly and dynamically one can develop new markets, production licenses, distribution networks and production facilities.

There probably are There is hardly a second company that is advancing so quickly with its international expansion.

The involvement of Auxly is a milestone for the company, because Auxly has a market capitalization of CA $ 775 million, 10X higher than ICC International and is one of the most important cannabis companies in Canada.

Auxly pursues a "Streaming business model"and provides companies that are seen as unique and particularly worthy of financing with the necessary growth capital.

Auxly is now one of the largest cannabis companies, with an annual production volume of over 200,000 kg (Retail value: approx. 1.5 billion euros)

You can safely make the following assumptions: When a market heavyweight like Auxly takes a stake in ICC International, it takes the stock and the business model of CC International into a whole new dimension.

Commenting on the deal, Auxly CEO said: "Auxly's stake in ICC International is yet another synergetic partnership represent that of the auxly platform Gives depth. This time the partnership significantly expands our platform on an international level. We congratulate Eugene (CEO of ICC International) and his team on the work they have done in acquiring ICC International's valuable wealth platform and we look forward to working together to build the international business ”.

The advantages of Auxly participation are obvious

  • Securing the supply: ICC secures access to Auxly's cannabis production and can then market it internationally (EU, Latin America, Africa) through its sales structures. There are no production bottlenecks like those that occur with competitors.
  • Access to the global production network: Auxly and its partners are also allowed to access KBB's sales and production network, which secures further income streams.
  • Building global brands: Brands will become very important in the cannabis business. The first globally successful cigarettes from the USA were launched under the brand name in 1913 Camel Today it is still one of the best-known brands of cigars.

With the deal, Auxly is also allowed to license all future KBB brands for its portfolio and in its core markets Canada and Uruguay, market which KBB should secure additional sales.

ICC International hits the mark with its takeover

In addition to a planned large-scale production for the domestic market and export to Greece and Slovenia, where Kaneh Bosm became the first supplier to receive a license, the management deliberately relies on Denmark.

Experts and industry representatives are certain: Denmark could become an export hub for cannabis throughout the EU and a leader in production.

ICC International has therefore secured one of the coveted licenses and has taken over the private provider Danavian, the just a 55,000 m² facility plans that after GMP standards will work. Which is crucial so that it can also be exported to neighboring countries such as Germany or France, with a combined population of more than 100 million.

Germany currently sources the majority of its cannabis drugs from Canada. It is logical that the Canadian corporations are now investing in Denmark.

  • Canopy Growth, the global market leader, is building a 40,000 m² production facility in Denmark.
  • Aurora Cannabis, the world's number two, will also produce in Denmark, initially on an area of ​​93,000 m².

With a market value of 37 million euros, ICC International still has strong price potential.

The Danish Tomato King is building the largest cannabis plant in Europe

Since the beginning of the year, Denmark has led the way in legalizing medical cannabis in the EU.

The cannabis group Aurora Cannabis (€ 10 billion market capitalization) cooperates with Alfred Pedersen & Son, the tomato king of Denmark, one of the largest producers of tomatoes in the EU.

"The city of Odense is set to become the largest producer of medicinal cannabis in Europe. The birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen is already the center of Danish vegetable growing, "headlines the Badische Zeitung.

The government of Denmark is helping to establish a leading cannabis production in Europe.

"It's about being among the first in the world. I would like us to export cannabis, we are strong in drug production," says Danish Health Minister Ellen Trane Nörby.

Cannabis will be the next boom in consumption

If you invest in cannabis stocks today, it is like if you had invested 100 years ago in global brands like Wrigley, Nestlé, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Marlboro or Heineken.

It is logical that you would have achieved many 1,000% profit with it.

10 super brand corporations control the world market for consumer products today

Now history repeats itself with the emerging cannabis market.

It is actually quite simple. For a business that put you in jail a few months ago, you can now win on the stock market.

Now it gets really exciting, because the consumer brands leave nothing to chance and are therefore investing in existing cannabis companies in order to catch up with the time lag.

Large corporations and brands recognize the huge potential of cannabis

Are you wondering when will Coca-Cola invest in this market?

One corporation after the other is slowly softening and buying into the cannabis sector.

  • The beer and liquor giant Diageo (Smirnoff, Johnnie Walker, Guiness) currently speaks with three Canadian marijuana producers. Which could it be?
  • The rival Molson Coors co-founds a joint venture Hydropothecary on the development of marijuana beverages in Canada
  • Constellation Brands paid $ 3.8 billion to get his share of it Canopy Growth, the world's largest marijuana producer to date.
  • Heineken California brought in on July 30th THC-infused mineral water to the pharmacies.
  • The Wrigley dynasty, made famous by the Wrigley Spearmint chewing gum, sold her company to the Mars group in 2008. William Wrigley Jr. II has now invested US $ 65 million in a medical cannabis start-up.

We expect at least 15 big deals in the next 12 months between cannabis companies and Pharmaceutical, tobacco and beverage groups.

It would only be logical for corporations like Wrigley to take a look around Europe and have probably already made inquiries about ICC International Technology.

These reasons show why you should invest in ICC International shares:

  • More and more countries are releasing medical marijuana on prescription, which is causing the industry to move. Few companies know how to gain a foothold in the EU, and ICC International is a pioneer among them.
  • You are participating in a rapidly growing, dynamic company that is conquering the next large billion-dollar market (115 billion euros by 2028) and has recognized the importance of the "secret production location" Denmark.
  • One of the magic words is the takeover wave. In the first half of 2018, 5 company deals ranging from hundreds of millions to billions were concluded. More will follow: ICC International could land on the corporate radar with increasing expansion in the EU and is a hot takeover target.

The auxly engagement increases the likelihood of another deal

With the Auxly participation, a first important step has now been implemented within the framework of a networked, international participation model.

Should one of the big brand groups decide to take over / stake in Auxly, which attracts some attention with almost 1 billion CA $ market capitalization, then Kaneh Bosm would be in this chain as an important supplier and holder of EU licenses and one EU sales network with 35,000 pharmacies in 16 countries important link and could benefit from a deal if it didn't turn into a complete takeover?

We believe that the likelihood that a consumer goods company will acquire a stake in companies like Auxly is extremely high.

The chart technique ensures rapid price gains

The stocks of many cannabis companies currently only have one direction.

A quick trading profit is practically inevitable at ICC International. The price quotations are updated with the latest news from Auxly entry immediately jumped up. This shows how positively investors are surprised by this hammer news.

That should have only been the beginning of the short-term price increase:

The chart heralds the next price explosion, because above CA $ 0.75 there is room for improvement:

ICC International (WKN: A2DR6F), Frankfurt (19.09.2018): € 0.41. Source: Stockcharts.com

The share is now being discussed more and more intensely on social media:

A reader at Wall Street Online: "... even with a valuation of € 20 million (editor's note: the user made an incorrect MC calculation), still far too cheap. (1000% increase)" Strong buy

In the forum of Stockhouse Canada (translated): "The stock is on the way to $ 10 or more within a year."

GoldenStock writes in the Börse-Online Forum: "I like today's news. Price at 0.43 is still ok. I think there will be more in the next few days / weeks."

That proves the story is hot.

It's not too late to buy the stocks and make profits.

Just FULL PROFESSIONALS know about them so far Denmark's special role and how the takeover news must be interpreted there.

More information can be found here:

Follow the link to ICC InternationalInvestor Presentation

Here you can download the EU cannabis growth market study from Prohibition Partners.

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