Have you made up your mind to become a parent?

Formalities before and after the birth

For unmarried people: acknowledgment of paternity

According to the German Civil Code, the father of a child is the man who is married to the mother at the time of birth, who has recognized paternity or whose paternity has been established by a court. So if you are expecting children and are not married to each other, the father-to-be can recognize paternity during pregnancy with the consent of the mother. The recognition of paternity can take place at the registry office, youth welfare office, district court or notary. It is free of charge at the youth and registry office.

To do this, the father needs his birth certificate or a certified copy from the family book. Both parents must also present a valid identity card or passport. The mother should also have the maternity card with her to prove the expected due date of the child.

Joint custody

If you are not married to each other and no wedding is planned after the birth, you should apply for joint custody and submit a so-called declaration of custody. This must be publicly notarized, for example, by the youth welfare office or a notary. If you do not submit a declaration of custody and are not married to each other, the mother alone has parental custody.