What can you assess inappropriately well?

Knowledge of human natureQuickly assess other people correctly

But be careful! Said personality types hardly exist in their pure form. Almost all people are Mixed forms of this. Ultimately, the question that we should ask ourselves when communicating with other people is: Which personality traits are disproportionately pronounced in the other person?

Why this is important, be on one example illustrated:

Let us assume that a sympathetic person wants to sell a project to his boss, a dynamic person. When he arrives at his office, he first asks his boss how he is. So he leads small talk - until the boss asks: "Why do you actually want to speak to me?" Then the employee presents his project proposal, often making statements such as "I have the feeling ..." and "As I see it ... “Used; Furthermore, he justified his proposal by stating that its implementation would be good for the working atmosphere. "The cooperation becomes more harmonious and less stressful."

Do you think the employee can use this type of conversation to warm his supervisor to his suggestion? Probably not! Rather, the longer the employee speaks, the more impatient the team or department leader will become. Because he has the impression: He's stealing my time. He's talking about the bush and doesn't get to the point. Because as a dynamic person, he primarily wants to know: “What does it cost?” “How complex is the whole thing?” And: “How does the company benefit from it?” If he does not receive this information in condensed form, he sees no reason to join in to deal with the topic more intensively.

The boss would probably say “yes” if the employee, when presenting his idea, emphasized the time and cost savings that the company can achieve - in a short period of time. And not just with flowery words, but on the basis of an initial cost-benefit calculation and a preliminary project outline.