What is the country code for Liechtenstein?

Liechtenstein area code

Country code Liechtenstein, +423 or 00423?

There are two spellings for the Liechtenstein area code, namely +423 and 00423. Which area code do you have to use? How do the two country codes for Liechtenstein differ from each other and what do the different versions exist for?

The country code of Liechtenstein that begins with a "+" (ie +423) is the so-called international code (international notation). It is mainly used in the mobile communications sector. Most cell phones can make an international call to Liechtenstein if you use +423 as the area code. This basically applies to all countries in the world.

Unfortunately, there are telephones (especially older models) that do not support international notation. The Liechtenstein area code with leading zeros (00423) is then used on these telephones. The leading zeros are also referred to as the so-called traffic elimination number. When you receive a call, they indicate that it is an international call.

Problem: traffic elimination number and area code 00423

In fact, variant 00423 applies to calls to Liechtenstein, especially in Europe. In other countries around the world, the international code 00423 will not work. Example: In the USA, international calls to Liechtenstein begin with 011. An international call therefore begins here with the area code 011423.


For calls from Germany to Liechtenstein you can always use the country code 00423. In other countries, the two leading zeros must be replaced by a different traffic elimination digit. The international variant (+423) of the Liechtenstein international code works in all countries of the world. However, it is not supported in all networks and by all telephone devices.