What is Disneyland

Disneyland Paris: a resort

The heart of the resort are of course the two theme parks, or rather the "theme parks" - the name Disney actually prefers to use for its parks. The difference is that an amusement park can simply be a collection of attractions, but a Disney park is always themed through and through, so the "theming" is adapted in such a way that you feel transported into a completely different world. Nevertheless, theme parks are of course also theme parks.

The first park that was built in Disneyland Paris was Disneyland Park, which in its basic layout follows the original Disneyland in Anaheim, and its siblings are also located in Florida (Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World) and in Tokyo (Tokyo Disneyland) - when Disney approaches a new resort project, a variation of the Magic Kingdom is always the start - just as the history of Disney theme parks began with Disneyland in Anaheim.
Disneyland Park, which opened in 1992, was followed 10 years later by Walt Disney Studios, similar in concept but significantly different in theming, to the Disney Studios at Walt Disney World.
A third park was also planned in the original concept of the European Disney Resort - but for a long time, due to the financial difficulties that Euro Disney S.C.A. stuck and stuck every now and then, very unsure whether this plan will still last. However, those responsible at Disneyland Paris have so far only announced that these plans continue to exist and that a decision is not expected before 2020. We are now a little smarter in this regard. The 3rd park has not yet been officially announced, but there appear to be contracts with the government of France to open it in the period 2037-2040.

The resort always has an entertainment district with bars, restaurants, shops and other leisure facilities. In Paris, this area is called Disney Village and is strategically located between the hotels and the two theme parks.

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