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What are the apps doing?👞

Sweatcoin, LifeCoin and Runtopia count your steps and convert them into coins. These collected coins can then be exchanged for certain rewards at the apps' marketplace, for example various vouchers or an iPhone. Then there is a subscription model, which you can usually pay with the coins collected in the app. In this article, I'll take apart the features of each app and give them points. The app with the most points wins!

Comparison 🤔

1. Menu

1. Power saving mode:Only Sweatcoin has an integrated power saving mode. However, energy-saving modes from the mobile phone itself or the app are not recommended, as steps are lost.|+1 Punte for Sweatcoin

2. Expiration date of the coins:Only at Runtopia there is an expiration date for the collected coins. On March 1st of each year, all coins generated before December 31st are deleted. In my opinion, this is very stupid, as good rewards such as PayPal vouchers are very expensive and it is almost impossible to get them in the said period. Runtopia is forcing users to buy cheap premiums in the form of discounts. The companies benefit from this! In addition, the notice was cleverly hidden so that the user only learns about it 2 weeks before the coins are deleted. Then there is a push message that you should spend your coins as soon as possible. That gives deserved-2 points. 🤬 

3rd possibility to invite friends:All apps offer the possibility to invite friends and be rewarded for them. With Sweatcoin and LifeCoin you get 5 coins per invitation, with Runtopia you unfortunately cannot see the reward per user directly. From 30 invitations, Sweatcoin not only gives you 150 Sweatcoins, but also access to the influencer market. Here you can convert your invitations and Sweatcoins into PayPal vouchers, vouchers that many users miss in the normal market. | +3 for Sweatcoin, +2 for LifeCoin, +1 for Runtopia.

4th step conversion:The algorithms of the three apps verify approximately the same number of steps. Steps that are taken in houses or that simply shake the cell phone are not verified.

5. Marketplace:While the only really important bonuses at Runtopia are so expensive that you can't buy them, normal users at Sweatcoin miss PayPal vouchers. But it doesn't matter that much either, since there are new offers almost every day, which are sometimes very good. For the hardcore runners, Sweatcoin also has the latest iPhone, but according to the price you have to run "a little" for it. I currently miss the latest iPhone at LifeCoin, as well as the latest Apple Watch and AirPods. I hope that will change soon (current status 09.09.2019), but there are other things for technology enthusiasts such as a drone and headphones. There are also a handful of vouchers. | +2 pointsfor the constantly changing selection at Sweatcoin, +3 points for the large and for me better selection at LifeCoin, +1 point for the PayPal vouchers at Runtopia.

6. Subscriptions:Sweatcoin and LifeCoin require a subscription from 5,000 verified steps, but this is only paid for with earned coins. You never have to provide your real payment information. Runtopia offers a subscription that does not increase the limit of the coins to be earned per day, but offers extended data analysis and walking aids. This then also costs real money, but can also be paid for using coins with a voucher in the store. Who needs it 🤷‍♀️. | +1 point for that"Free" subscription model for Sweatcoin and LifeCoin, +2 points for no limitation of Runtopia coins.

7. Daily bonus:Sweatcoin gives you 15 Sweatcoins per week for watching a promotional video every day, LifeCoin does the same with Sweatcoin as in so many other areas with a little stinginess, 7 LifeCoins per week. Runtopia gives you 21 coins a week, that may sound like a lot at first, but given the prices of the bonuses, it's not that much either. Runtopia offers countless sporting tasks that are rewarded. | +2 for Sweatcoin, +1 for LifeCoin, +2 for the numerous tasks of Runtopia.

8. Activities: Only Runtopia offers the possibility to go cycling. All algorithms can be slightly tricked in slow moving buses etc. | +2 points for Runtopia


Sweatcoin: 9 points

LifeCoin: 7 points

Runtopia: 6 points


All apps are available in the Apple and Play Store. Left:

Sweatcoin*| LifeCoin* | Runtopia*

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