Is pizza the best Italian food

The best Italian restaurants in the Ruhr area

La dolce vita. That’s also available in the pot. In which Ristorante you will be served the best Italian cuisine, we know, claro! 14 great Italian restaurants in the Ruhr area - buon appetito. You can also find more culinary inspiration around the area in the current issues of our Geht aus magazine.

Italian restaurants in Dortmund

Toni's Ristorante

Just to make it clear from the start: There is no pizza here. But nothing else remains unfulfilled, but really nothing at all when it comes to Italian cuisine. Handmade pasta with zucchini and saffron or white and black truffle sauce, risotto with vegetables, scallops with green lentils - the selection of delicious things on the menu is huge. In addition, fish and meat, seasonal dishes, wonderful wines. Host Toni Pace is always in a good mood, entertains the guests and swings the wooden spoon with devotion
Tonis’s Ristorante, Max-Brandes-Straße 25, Dortmund

Acqua Pazza

This elegant establishment in the shadow of the Signal-Iduna-Park can accommodate a good 100 guests. A small but sophisticated menu offers authentic cuccina italiana, including specialties such as fresh ribbon noodles with truffles, porcini mushroom risotto or beef carpaccio, veal, poultry or beef in different variations, and the sweet tooth is delighted with one of the wonderful desserts. The service is attentive - and discreet: it is not uncommon for one or the other BVB star player to get lost in Acqua Pazza. The well-trained team doesn't show any excitement in this case - professionals at work!
Acqua Pazza, Rosenmeyerstraße 14, Dortmund


Rilasso means something like "relaxation" - and it is relaxed here. Pasquale Oppido runs the house in the south of Dortmund with Italian nonchalance and serves the finest Italian food. The menu has no fewer than six meat and fish carpaccio variants - and that's just the beginning! In addition pasta with various sauces, steaks fresh from the grill and finally zabaglione, panna cotta and / or tiramisu. The waistband has to relax there - but it's worth every bite!
Rilasso, Hohensyburg 188, Dortmund

Italian restaurants in Bochum

Trattoria Momo

This treasure on Bochum's Stadionring presents itself as a wonderfully successful symbiosis of chic elegance and rustic cosiness. As soon as you step in, the heart of every Italy fan beats faster: the showcase full of antipasti, sausages and ham are stored behind the counter, the smell of bread fills your nose ... wonderful! If you take a seat at one of the beautiful wooden tables, the indulgence continues. Pasta, fish, meat - and pizza, actually unusual for a "real" trattoria. But who’s counting !? The pizza tastes great, the "Calabrese" with mozzarella and pepperoni sausage is recommended. The service is excellent, the espresso strong and full-bodied. Great!
Trattoria Momo, Stadionring 9, Bochum

Gallo Nero

A piece of Italy in the middle of Bochum: Here, upscale Italian cuisine is served, always freshly prepared and made with a lot of love. Homemade pasta with mozzarella and pork belly, fried fennel sausage - the menu is not based on a specific region, but picks the best from all parts of Italy. Great wines, a strong espresso - tutto bene
Gallo Nero, Oskar-Hoffmann-Strasse 101, Bochum

Trattoria Da Ruben

Chef Ruben Pereyra is from Argentina, his wife Violeta is Romanian - they run an Italian restaurant together. Surprises are inevitable. The choice of starters shows the urge to liven up the box. Lovers of classic Italian cuisine will get their money's worth with the main courses. Pasta (without Bolognese sauce - traditionally replaced by wild boar ragout), risotto, pizza. It is always advisable to take a look at the current menu of the day - it then comes up with surprises.
Trattoria Da Ruben, Königsallee 169, Bochum

Italian restaurants in Essen

La grappa

Aside from the bland pizza and pasta monotony, authentic Italian food is served here: In the southern quarter of Essen, Rino Frattesi serves traditional dishes from his homeland. There is no pizza, but all sorts of other great things. Pigeon on balsamic vinegar, canneloni with Tyrolean bacon or agnolotti with lobster filling - the host himself recommends really wonderful wines. Finally, one of the more than 1000 grappas that Frattesi passionately collects - where the shop got its name from is probably also clear. Numero uno in town!
La Grappa, Rellinghauser Strasse 4, Essen

Due oasis

Anyone who wants to eat pizza goes to a pizzeria - every child in Italy knows that. This has not yet fully arrived in this country, and that is why one or the other guest is quite surprised not to find the popular flatbread on the menus of the ristoranti that they visit. Long story short: don't give pizza. Franco Cadamuro and Tiziano Girardi prepare everything in their kitchen that their ancestors' cookbooks have to offer, and they do it excellently. Simple dishes such as taglierini with pesto verde are served wonderfully light here, gnocchi, tagliatelle and everything the chefs can think of is made fresh every day. If you cannot decide whether the large selection is available, it would be wise to follow the recommendations of the hosts or to choose one of the menus on offer.
Oase Due, Rüttenscheider Strasse 189, Essen

Pasta e gamberoni

Finding a place in the roughly garage-sized shop is the number one challenge. Choosing a dish is the second task - the choice is wide, even if it mainly focuses on (logically) pasta and seafood. In addition, the menu changes constantly (depending on the market situation), so if you have chosen a favorite, it may well be that something else will take its place the next time you visit. But it doesn't matter, it always tastes good. With a glass of wine, and the evening (or afternoon) in the middle of the Rü goes by in a flash.
Pasta e Gamberoni, Rüttenscheider Strasse 172, Essen

Italian restaurants in Duisburg

Villa Patrizia

The very first address for lovers of fine Italian cuisine in Duisburg: Villa Patrizia. Named after host Patrizia Bodean, the elegant, but still very cozy restaurant is a reliable place to go if you want to have a really good time. And that starts with service. Friendly, professional and attentive, the good spirits of the house read almost all wishes from the eyes of the hungry guests as soon as they walk in. Seafood, pasta with truffles, selected meat and fish specialties are served - in Nico Bodega's kitchen only the finest of the finest comes into the pots and on the plates.
Villa Patrizia, Mülheimer Strasse 213, Duisburg

Da Vinci in Landhaus Milser

Terracotta tiles and dark wood, an elegant, casual atmosphere - this tasty ambience is particularly good for feasting. Classics are on the program: vitello tonnato, carpaccio, antipasti as a starter, leg of lamb, saltimbocca or various freshly caught fish for the main course, tiramisu at the end. Solid and very well cooked - the Italian national soccer team was already impressed by this in 2006. And they finally took the title home with them - it could well have been due to the catering, just saying ...
Da Vinci in Landhaus Milser, Zur Sandmühle 2, Essen

Come on great

A sense of tradition paired with a great passion for discovery - this tried and tested blend comes into play in the cozy, family-run Italian restaurant. And the pairing works! A kitchen that should surprise even true Italians. A fixed menu is almost unnecessary here, the dishes change almost daily. And something good always comes out of it. Lots of pasta, lots of meat, lots of fish - everything fresh (natural), exciting combinations and wonderfully prepared.
Come Prima, Wallstrasse 7, Essen

Italian restaurants in Oberhausen

Il carpaccio

An old mill, somewhat unromantically located behind a soundproof wall on the A3. But you immediately forget that when you immerse yourself in the world of the host couple Franco and Annette Fenudi. The restaurant is modern and bright, the vibe is Italian zest for life, in the kitchen Chef Franco works and conjures up dishes from his homeland with passion. The menu changes on a daily basis, and if you don't know what the epicurean mood is, the owner is quickly on hand with recommendations. Wonderful!
Il Carpaccio, Homberger Strasse 11, Oberhausen

La Conchiglia

Giuseppe Chiarello has worked his way up - from dishwasher in Sicily to successful Ristorante owner. He tells this (his) legend often, gladly and well. He's also good at cooking, even more than that: He serves the finest Italian cuisine, always accompanied by great wines and served by the excellent service team. Together with his wife Barbara, he runs the house, which can justifiably be described as a generously equipped specialty restaurant. Everything done right!
La Conchiglia, Hermann-Albertz-Strasse 141, Oberhausen