Where are all micronations located

The most famous micronations in the world

For a wide variety of reasons, self-appointed kings and ministers occasionally bring bizarre pseudo-states into being. We show you the strangest mini-nations here.

The national flag flutters on the flagpole, the self-written national anthem is sung by the people and specially made ID cards are issued by the authorities. We are talking about self-proclaimed pseudo-states. The 15 residents of the area of ​​the Sat1 TV show Newtopia now also live in a kind of micronation. The Newtopia residents already have their own ID cards, but as far as the anthem and flag are concerned, the show participants can still wait - at least until a common concept has emerged from the various views on how to cope with basic needs. Perhaps they are inspired by various alternative models that already exist.

→ A state to protect art

The Swedish artist Lars Vilks made headlines with his Mohammed cartoons, published in 2007. But what many do not know to this day: Vilks is the founder of a micronation. In 1980, Vilks began erecting huge wooden structures made of driftwood in the Kullaberg nature reserve in north-western Skåne in Sweden. Due to the lack of a building permit, the works of art should be demolished again. Then, after losing a lawsuit, Vilks proclaimed the micronation as a form of protest. Anyone interested can become a citizen of Vilks Ladonia online and acquire a Ladon nobility title for twelve dollars. There are currently 15,000 citizens.

For example, would you become an honorary citizen of Newtopia for 12 euros?

Free city of Christiania
→ Ten million euros for dandelions and bear claws

One of the most famous alternative municipalities in the world is in Copenhagen, Denmark. The housing estate has existed since 1971 on a former military site that covers 34 hectares. Christiania became famous as a hippie republic due to the long history of selling soft drugs. Christiania is divided into 15 urban areas with peaceful names such as "Löwenzahn" and "Bärenklaue". As there were repeated conflicts with the administration of the Danish capital, the residents of the settlement bought the property from the city in 2011 for around ten million euros. Christiania has its own flag. It is red with three yellow dots, which stand for the three i dots in the name.

When do Newtopia residents invent their own flag?

Principality of Sealand
→ A refuge for illegal websites?

The self-made state Sealand is located on a disused military platform for air defense off the English coast in the middle of the North Sea. An ex-major in the British Army founded the principality together with his wife in 1967. Prince and Princess Roy and Joan Bates always defended their mini-nation with the help of relatives and friends - even by force of arms if necessary. Today the rulers from exile rule. The various ideas to place Sealand lucratively have failed. There are rumors that the platform had servers installed that host websites that are strictly forbidden elsewhere. With the Sealand Dollar, Sealand has its own currency. It also has its own postage stamps, a constitution, a flag and a coat of arms. The repeated appeals to the international community of states to recognize Sealand as a state have remained unheeded to this day.

Will the residents of Newtopia develop their own currency? A collector's value would be guaranteed.

Republic of Kugelmugel
→ A state as a sphere

In 1971 the Viennese artist Edwin Lipburger built an orange ball house made of wood in Katzelsdorf, Lower Austria, and proclaimed the Kugelmugel Republic. It has stood between roller coasters and carousels in Vienna's Prater since 1982 - fenced in by barbed wire. The whole state has a total diameter of exactly eight meters. Reason for establishing their own state: Lipburger refused to pay taxes. After he started printing his own postage stamps, he was sentenced by the court and only escaped prison with the pardon of the Federal President. The Republic of Kugelmugel has 600 citizens worldwide.

Will the Newtopia candidates build their own houses on the property during the course of the show?

→ Tourism as a blockbuster

In 1993 the florist Giorgio Carbone declared the northern Italian mountain village of Seborga a principality. In doing so, he proclaimed himself ruler. Carbone allegedly found out that no rule was placed under the reorganization of Europe at the Congress of Vienna. The principality is not recognized by any state in the world, Rome only tolerates independence as long as the micronation adheres to Italian laws. In 2009 Carbone died but the principality remains. As a result of the attempted secession, the village has grown in popularity enormously and is a magnet for tourists. They can then exchange money on site for the “national” currency Luigino in order to buy postcards and stamps. In addition, visitors can have one of the popular fantasy badges issued.

When will Newtopia be interesting for tourists?

Conch Republic
→ Declaration of war on the USA

In 1982, the US established border controls on the only driveway to Key West Island to prevent illegal immigration. Due to the increasing traffic jams, the harassment and the associated decline in tourism, the city government of Key West decided to declare itself as independent. From now on they called themselves the Conch Republic. Shell Republic. They declared war on the US, only to surrender a minute later and ask for $ 1 billion in aid to rebuild. The protest was successful: the control post was abolished again. Today the Conch Republic only exists symbolically, which does not prevent anyone from celebrating Independence Day on April 23rd each year.

Will the Newtopia residents declare war on Germany and then speculate on money for reconstruction?

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