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Book review of "Lotte, are you dreaming again?"

What would childhood be without dreams? Aren't these experiences that we like to remember later: how we sit with dangling legs on an old oak tree and recreate imaginary Indians? Or wait in the fortress under grandma's kitchen table for attacking knights? But some children find it difficult to break out of their fantasy world - they have trouble concentrating at school and their thoughts are constantly wandering.

The story "Lotte, are you dreaming again?" By the psychologists Stefanie Rietzler and Fabian Grolimund is addressed to them. Lotte, the rabbit girl, is one of those dream dancer children. Again and again he gets into trouble at home and at school because he gets lost in daydreams and therefore only does tasks slowly and not particularly carefully. Her friends, the bear Frieda and the duck Merle, stick to Lotte, but she is increasingly desperate. Because she doesn't know what exactly to do when you tell her: "Concentrate!"

Then she meets the old she-wolf Sakiba in the forest, who teaches her the "wolf eye". With a lot of practice, she finally manages to focus her thoughts fully on one task. In an exciting adventure, she can apply the technique successfully right away.

Lotte's bag of tricks can help

At the end of the book in “Lotte's Trick Box” there are numerous other concentration exercises and practical tips for distracted children, including “Uncle Louis' If-Then Plan” and “Rabbit-like homework tricks”. In addition: a summary of the scientific background for adults and a detailed list of literature.

As a reader you can hardly help but put yourself in the shoes of the cute rabbit girl. The loving and non-lecturing nature of the story also gives you the good feeling that dreaming is something very valuable and that there are numerous possibilities not to lose sight of your goal.