What are the best FinTechs

The best fintechs of 2020 in Germany

Top 5 fintechs awarded

The online magazine Paymentandbanking.com presented the award for “Fintechs of the year 2020”. The top 5 with the best business models were selected from 15 fintechs and teams nominated in advance. The jury consisting of scene experts, journalists and industry players selected the winners in the categories “Established Fintech of the Year” and “Newcomer of the Year”. In addition, the jurors awarded a Covid-19 special prize. Two further prizes were also awarded by the Payment & Banking community: the audience award for the “Newcomer of the Year” and for the “Established Fintech of the Year”.


The Berlin Solarisbank was named the winner in the “Established Fintech of the Year” category. Solarisbank, founded in 2016, is a leading banking-as-a-service platform used by many fintechs. The jury praised “the clear strategy and the mission” of Solarisbank: “You are successful and you have built up considerable income. You are real enablers and make possible for young fintechs. "


The Hamburg fintech Nect prevailed against the competition in the “Newcomer of the Year” category. Nect has developed a digital method for identification via app. The jury was enthusiastic about the fact that users can use the app together with their ID card to identify themselves securely and in a legally compliant manner on the Internet: “You have managed to bring another process onto the market alongside the other established processes”.


The Berlin fintech Kontist won the “Covid-19 Special Prize”. The Kontist banking app offers self-employed people and freelancers a professional tax service in addition to banking. The jury emphasized that Kontist recognized the immense and, in some cases, existential effects of the pandemic for customers early on. In March, Kontist established a free hotline on legal and tax issues as well as webinars to support its customers and apply for state aid. In addition, the Kontist Foundation very successfully supported a Bundestag petition together with other organizations and associations in order to finally give its customers access to Corona relief measures after the summer.


In the audience category “Newcomer of the Year”, the Berlin fintech Moss was chosen as the winner. Moss offers a company credit card for startups with a limit up to ten times higher, a 30-day payment period and an unlimited number of employee cards. This solves a real problem for founders, found the Payment & Banking community:

"Because many startups and company founders know that it is difficult to get a company account with a higher credit card limit, especially at the beginning."

Trade Republic

The Berlin fintech Trade Republic was able to win the audience award in the category “Established Fintech of the Year”: Trade Republic works as a broker that really works on the move and with a price model that makes the incumbents sweat, the readers found.