Who puts cinnamon in chili

Kimchi - the all-rounder

Ingolstadt (DK) The traditional Korean side dish has already become known in the USA as a "slimmer". Kimchi not only ensures a slim figure, but also a healthy body. Here you will find important information about the exotic dish and how you can easily make it at home.

Book tip: "Simply eat well"

Ingolstadt (DK) The Canadian Sarah Britton has long since made a name for herself as a blogger: the trained nutritionist publishes healthy and tasty recipes on "My New Roots". These are so popular that Britton has already successfully published a cookbook. Her second work has now been published with "Simply eat well". The special? The recipes contain very simple, common ingredients that are widely available.

Superfoods miracle weapon

Ingolstadt (DK) The trendy so-called superfoods are considered real vitamin bombs. Many swear by goji berries, chia seeds and co. But the exotic species often have to come a long way to reach consumers in Germany. No trace of regional or seasonal factors. Fortunately, the two can be combined. Here you will find local alternatives for the trendy superfoods.

Book tip: "Vegetarian or vegan - but right!"

Ingolstadt (DK) Food scandals, a bad environmental balance sheet or simply suffering from animals: There are many reasons that speak in favor of a meat-free or even plant-based diet. But some shy away from it because they are worried about deficiency symptoms. A book is recommended to all of them: In "Vegetarian or vegan - but correct" it is explained exactly which risks, but also which advantages this diet has. It also explains in detail how you can optimally combine your nutrients.

Not harmful to the environment: saving the avocado's honor

Ingolstadt (DK) Time and again there are extensive reports about what an unbelievable waste of resources the avocado is. There is talk of enormous water consumption, extremely long transport routes and the associated CO2 emissions. But: Anyone who complains about avocados for environmental and sustainability reasons is behaving inconsistently. Time for an honest inventory.

Vegan and seasonal: pumpkin gnocchi with kale pesto

Ingolstadt (dk) It is the nutrition trend in the USA: Kale in every form - in a smoothie, as a chip or as a classic salad - can be found on almost every menu and even the stars swear by the healthy vegetables. In the meantime, German restaurants and retailers have also recognized the marketing potential of kale. In "Chili & Zimt" we examine how healthy the vegetables actually are and present a seasonal recipe: Pumpkin Gnocchi with Kale Pesto.

"That Sugar Film": Sick of Hidden Sugar?

Ingolstadt (dk) It was once considered a sweet reward that makes you happy. It is now suspected of causing serious diseases of civilization: the effects of sugar have been the subject of heated debate recently. A film on this subject has now also started: "That Sugar Film" reveals how quickly one consumes far too much sugar with a supposedly healthy diet - and what consequences this has for the body.

Seasonal and vegan: beetroot and potato soup

Ingolstadt (dk) Many Germans leave them on the left at the vegetable counter. Mostly because they don't know what to do with it. Beetroot is a delicious and versatile food: you can conjure up schnitzel, noodles or salads from them. And on top of that, beetroot scores with many important nutrients - especially for women.

Seasonal and vegan: Pumpkin and quinoa salad with radicchio and baked tomatoes

Ingolstadt (dk) It's finally autumn again - that means there are pumpkins in abundance. For this reason we are starting our seasonal recipe series with this versatile vegetable. Baked briefly in the oven, a piece of butternut squash becomes a juicy taste experience without any oil or other frills. Combined with quinoa, tomatoes and radicchio, this results in a nutrient-rich salad that brings some color to the gray autumn days.

A soccer player who loves raw food

Ingolstadt (dk) athletes need a lot of animal protein in order to remain productive - that is a common opinion. Those who, on the other hand, eat mostly raw vegetables and almost completely dispense with meat, fish, dairy products and eggs, can hardly keep up with the fitness of a meat eater. Or? There is one player in the team at FC Ingolstadt who refutes these clich├ęs.

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