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The best book in the world

Which is the really best book in the world? The following favorites keep popping up: The Bible; Don Quixote and Ulysses. Everyone has asked themselves which one a indispensable book is. There are good arguments for each of the three books:

Many people have always considered the Bible to be the best book of all time. And in fact it is a book of superlatives: It is by far the oldest, most translated and most widely distributed book on earth. It also exerted a powerful influence on Western culture at all times. However - and that speaks against it: It is actually not a typical "book", but a collection of books: The Bible (note: the same root word as library) is a collection, a library of approx. 66 books, depending on which one one is in the canon and which one is not. Some books of the Bible are comparatively long (e.g. Psalms, Revelation), some only have a few pages (e.g. Amos, Judas). So those who claim that the Bible is not a book in the classical sense, but a separate category of its own, are probably right.

Others claim that Don Quixote is the best book ever. Why do you think that? In 2002 the headline of Spiegel and other media headlined: “A hundred authors voted Miguel de Cervantes‘ “Don Quixote” the best book in the world. ”So someone asked writers and because they couldn't name their own work, they called the windmill fighter. With many commentators you can not get rid of the feeling that they have not really read the book with its approx. 1500 pages.

Sure, you know the windmill story - it comes after a few dozen pages. But what about the gross remarks of the squire Sancho Panza, who was promised an island and who is now concerned about only counting “negroes” as his subjects? Already on page 300 the idea occurs to him: “What do I care if my subjects are black? What else do you need than to load them on the ship and bring them to Spain, where I can load them and they will pay me cash? "Incidentally, the book should not be rated under 16 with all the violence and highway robbery.

There's still Ulysses. Similar to the aforementioned books, the book is often started and seldom finished. James Joyce's masterpiece could be considered the best book in the world if only because three of the top 100 world literature lists discussed on these pages overlap in only one author and one book: none other than James Joyce 'Ulysses. On the other hand, this is only an indication and does not prove anything for a long time.

All three works are highlights of literature, they are without a doubt one of the best books in the world, one of the most widely read or at least one of the best-selling books of all. But which is really, really, really the best book now?

The answer is of course: There is no such thing as an objectively “one” best book. As an empiricist, one can only roll one's eyes at the question: “What does“ best ”actually mean? According to what criteria, what standards? And who do you ask? 100,000 readers or would you prefer 100 experts? That is why it will always be the case that everyone has to find their own answer to the famous question about the best book, which applies to them personally.

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