Can I study BA online?

The top providers for online academic study

What is a "real" online degree anyway?

1. No attendance times

Anyone who wants to study online wants tono mandatory appointments on site. Optional on-site seminars can be useful. But 100% online should for oneOn-line-Study be possible. The only comprehensible exception are the exams.

2. Digital learning material

Study letters and assignments are no longer enough today. Pdf documents are hardly better. Digital learning means accessing learning materials online. Preferably in the form of Video lessons. (They want 94% as a learning format!)

3. On-line technologies

The opportunities offered by digital educational technologies should be used. The most important are: Online communication and Interactivity (Discussion forums, Q&A sessions). Many MOOCs (massive open online courses) show what that can look like.

The top providers: Real online universities in Germany

Here is a list of universities whose courses can actually be largely completed online.

1st IUBH (International University of Applied Sciences Bad Honnef Bonn)

  • The IUBH is a private university where more than 7,000 students in total are enrolled - many of them in online courses. As part of the purely digital teaching, 15 bachelor's and 7 master's courses are offered here, mostly in the management area.
  • Although there is still the paper-based lesson unit here, there are also many Online offers such as videos, online tests, podcasts or e-books.
  • You do not have to attend attendance seminars in the IUBH online course, the modern digital exchange with fellow students (e.g. via wikis, forums, team tasks or online meetings) is made possible. Online exams have even been possible since the end of 2016.

2. WINGS (Wismar International Graduation Services)

  • WINGS is the online branch of the state university of Wismar. Here are over 5,000 distance students enrolled. There are 9 online bachelor programs in economics and two online master’s programs (health management, international logistics and trade).
  • WINGS also offers traditional distance learning, but it does the future of online training and therefore also offers real online courses. Here you can download teaching materials, watch video lectures or take part in online tutorials.
  • There are no compulsory presences Online exchange with fellow students and lecturers is possible.

3. DIPLOMA University

  • DIPLOMA is a private university where a total of over 5,000 students are enrolled. In addition to face-to-face studies, various distance and online courses are offered. There are around 20 courses in the fields of business / law, health, graphics and technology.
  • The teaching material here is mostly text-based (as pdf), but at least there issupplementary online content such as videos.
  • Interesting with DIPLOMA: In the distance learning you can choose between compulsory face-to-face seminars or real online lectures (which, however, are held at certain fixed times).

4. Onlineplus

  • Onlineplus is a department of the private Fresenius University founded in 2016. The goal is one to create modern online studies. There are 4 bachelor's degree programs in the economic field.
  • In addition to the learning material in text form (also available online), you can use a learning platform Access to various videos and tasks.
  • The university recommends a Presence kickoff meeting. However, you can at this also online on request take part.

5. HFH (Hamburger Fern-Hochschule)

  • HFH is a private university with around 9,500 enrolled students, a minority of whom are studying online. So far, only the Bachelor and Master in Business Law.
  • The study material is complete here online via a learning platform made available. This consists, among other things, of audio lectures in numerous individual modules of around 10 minutes in length. Exercises and mock exams can also be completed online.
  • There are no mandatory face-to-face courses.

6. Springer Campus / FH Dortmund

  • Springer Campus offers an online degree in the two courses Web / Media Informatics and Business Informatics. The science publisher Springer provides the infrastructure, the academic one You can obtain a degree from the FH Dortmund.
  • The learning material is available on a learning platform, which is also available online interactive tests, audio and video clips, Animations and simulations and online tutors. A book is also available in text form.
  • The attendance days are only optional here.

7. Macromedia College

  • The private Macromedia University was founded in 2006 and is called the "University of Digital Change".
  • In addition to classic distance learning courses, there is also one there Online variant, in the without attendance times and among others with Videos and online tutorials is being worked on.
  • The subjects offered are still under construction and come from the areas Business and media.

Notes on the list:

  • The selection and order selected here represents No value represent.
  • The exams are also often done with these providers on site!
  • It is recommended that you read the current Information from the provider to look closely.
  • The list is preliminary, Notes and Notes for other relevant online universities.

International: online degrees and MOOC series

The major international course platforms also offer increasingly complete online courses at. Often you can first take individual courses and then expand this to an entire online course.

In particular, with Coursera, FutureLearn and edX, some universities are already fully includeddigital English-language courses represented. We have also created a separate list of the online computer science courses and also show you where the online MBA can be found.

In many areas there is alsoSeries from several MOOCs (massive open online courses). Depending on the provider, this is then called MicroMaster, xSeries, Specialization or Nanodegree(You can find all course series here).

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