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4 FACTS AMWAY IS A GLOBAL LEADER IN DIRECT SELLING AMWAY ANNUAL SALES (BILLION USD) 10.8 BILLION. USD WORLD SALES IN FISCAL YEAR% Amway sales growth, 1% average growth per year over the last five years PRODUCTS 71 MILLION. + Households in Amway's 10 largest markets own at least one Amway product 63% of all households in Beijing, China own at least one Amway product 2 58% of all households in Korea own at least one Amway product 3 22% of all US households have at least one Amway product 4 PEOPLE EMPLOYEES WORLDWIDE 3 MILLION. + PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD SELL AMWAY PRODUCTS 1

5 LEGACY Amway was founded in 1959 by Jay Van Andel and Rich DeVos. Amway's first product was the Liquid Organic Cleaner (L.O.C.), one of the world's first concentrated, biodegradable and environmentally friendly multipurpose cleaners. Since then, Amway has developed into one of the leading suppliers of products in the fields of nutrition, cosmetics and household. CORPORATE GOVERNANCE Amway is led by our CEO Steve Van Andel and our President Doug DeVos. Van Andel is a past chairman of the US Chamber of Commerce and DeVos is a member of the Wall Street Journal CEO Council. Both held leading positions in key industry organizations such as B. the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA) and the Direct Selling Education Foundation. DeVos is currently the chairman of the WFDSA. DIRECT SELLING INDUSTRY ACTIVITIES Amway is an active member of regional and national direct selling industry organizations around the world. Amway executives currently hold 50 executive positions in direct sales industry organizations. CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY Amway uses its corporate experience to address child malnutrition around the world, support local youth programs and improve sustainability. SALES FROM DIRECT SALES 2014 (IN PERCENT) PRODUCTS 25% COSMETICS 3 LEADING AMWAY BRANDS ARE NUTRILTE, ARTISTRY and espring SUCCESS 43% NUTRITION 5% OTHER 19% CONSUMABLES 8% HOUSEHOLD PRODUCT SUCCESS NO. 1 DIRECT SELLING COMPANIES WORLDWIDE, ACCORDING TO THE RANKING LIST OF THE 2015 DIRECT SELLING NEWS GLOBAL 100 GLOBAL NO. 26 high-quality products unique to America's largest privately owned companies in Forbes Magazine's 2014 ranking are made and sold by Amway Satisfaction Guarantee on all Amway products Languages ​​in which Amway does business GLOBALNEWS.AMWAY.COM 2

6 BUSINESS MODEL SUPPORTING ENTREPRENEURIAL SUCCESS Millions of people have their own Amway business. Continuous performance and dedication are a must for doing business and have brought success to many people. Amway is a direct selling company that empowers people to build their own business by first selling products and second by helping other people do the same. Amway Independent Distributors earn income from the sale of products. Self-employed Amway sales partners initially earn money from the trade margin they generate. In addition, they can earn additional commissions and incentive payments based on the sales that Distributors have made on their team. Amway provides all channel partners with support, training programs, and business tools to help them be successful. In addition, in the event of dissatisfaction, business partners can have the fee reimbursed in full when registering as an Amway sales partner. 6 SINCE 1959, AMWAY HAS PAID MORE COMMISSIONS AND PERFORMANCE INCENTIVES TO OUR WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTORS THAN ANY OTHER DIRECT SALES COMPANY IN HISTORY. 7 QUOTE AMWAY OFFERED US A REAL CHANCE FOR SUCCESS THE OPPORTUNITY AND TOOLS WE NEEDED TO MAKE US FINANCIAL INDEPENDENT. WE ARE NOT RICH, BUT WE HAVE EVERYTHING WE WANT. AND NOW, TOGETHER WITH MORE FREE TIME, WE KNOW THAT THE FUTURE OF OUR FAMILY IS SECURE. SUNEA AND LEELIN KAOKASABA Amway business partner, Thailand PEOPLE 50.3 BILLION. USD 80 + PERCENT commissions and incentives paid to Amway Business Partners between the company's founding in 1959 and 2014 GLOBAL of all Amway Business Partners report they work part-time in their Amway business 3 MILLION TRAININGS AND TRAINING COURSES PARTICIPATED IN 2014 3


8 BRANDS & PRODUCTS BEST-SELLING AMWAY BRANDS AND PRODUCTS Amway offers more than 450 products in the areas of nutrition, cosmetics and household. The NUTRILITE brand, distributed exclusively by Amway sales partners, is the world's best-selling brand for vitamin products and dietary supplements. 9 Since its introduction in 1934, Nutrilite has provided products that provide the expert recommended amounts and variety of nutrients. The Nutrilite food supplements sold worldwide contain herbal ingredients that have health benefits. Based on 80 years of science and research, the Nutrilite team has developed a proprietary Seed to Supplement method to maintain the effectiveness, quality and safety of our products. In the field of premium cosmetics, the ARTISTRY brand is known globally for its high-quality and diverse makeup, anti-aging and skin care products. ARTISTRY meets the requirements of a wide variety of population groups and has been based on the creative pillars of research and ingenuity for over 50 years. The brand is represented globally by Australian film actress Teresa Palmer for skin care products and cosmetics and Rick DiCecca as a global make-up artist. Amway's household, water filter, air filter and cookware products, based on 50 years of research and development, support a healthy lifestyle in your home. Most AMWAY HOME products for laundry, surface cleaning and washing up contain active ingredients from natural sources. The espring water filtration system uses intelligent technologies to reduce particles, sediments and over 160 contaminants to provide high quality water for your household, and the Atmosphere air filtration system reduces 84 different contaminants for safe and clean air. BRANDS 5

9O.C. Multipurpose cleaners DURABLE GOODS espring water filter systems Atmosphere is the world's best-selling premium brand of air filter systems for the home 12 icook cookware GLOBALNEWS.AMWAY.COM 6

10 RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT BRAND // HEADLINE HERE CULTURE OF SCIENCE AND RESEARCH Amway uses the best elements from nature, science and research to develop products of the highest quality standards. Amway scientists, developers and technicians respond to market demands worldwide and develop products that meet a wide variety of customer requirements and wishes. For this reason, Amway ranked No. 15 in The Patent Board's Consumer Products industry ranking in December 2014. This ranking measures the strength of a company's patent portfolio. However, Amway's research and development activities are not limited to our laboratories. Amway scientists working in the Open Innovation Program * travel the whole world in search of discoveries that could be used for Amway products. On the basis of this continuous monitoring, we have formed a large number of partnerships with scientists outside the company. These researchers' technologies have been incorporated into 20 high-quality products that are sold in 55 markets and generated sales of $ 1.2 billion. The results of long-term global research projects will also help guide Amway scientists in their quest for new discoveries. Led by the Stanford University Prevention Research Center and funded by an unrestricted gift from the Amway Nutrilite Health Institute Wellness Fund, the future WELL ** study aims to identify lifestyle and environmental factors that help people maintain good health into old age. A study commissioned by Amway's Nutrilite Health Institute showed that the majority of adults worldwide would have to at least double their intake of fruits and vegetables to meet the World Health Organization's recommendation of five servings (400 grams) per day. SUBJECTS Biochemistry Mechanical engineering, chemical, electrical and packaging technology Chemistry Clinical research Food science and technology Agriculture and plant science Material science Micro and molecular biology Nutritional science Pharmacology Toxicology PEOPLE Scientists, engineers and technical employees in the company GLOBAL 75 laboratories for research & development and quality assurance worldwide * ** 7th


12 SUPPLY CHAIN ​​GLOBAL AND REGIONAL OPERATIONS TARGET LOCAL NEEDS As a global company, Amway has divided its operations into four regions around the world. Thanks to this structure, the company can deal quickly and efficiently with specific regional requirements in relation to market requirements, Amway business partners or customers. For example, sales regulations, packaging requirements, product sizes, and brand preferences vary from region to region. Amway always strives to work with local government agencies and customers for mutual benefit. For more information on the Amway supply chain, visit AMWAY AND THE LOCAL AMWAY COMPANIES OWN OR MANAGE: Manufacturing facilities located in Ada, Michigan; Buena Park, Calif. And Quincy, Washington, USA; Guangzhou, China; as well as in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Organically certified plantations for the cultivation of ingredients for dietary supplements in Trout Lake, Washington (USA), Jalisco (Mexico) and Ubajara (Brazil) Global distribution network with over 100 plants and main centers in Ada, Michigan and Santa Fe Springs, California (USA), Venlo (Netherlands), Busan (South Korea) and Guangzhou (China) Regional Service Centers in San José (Costa Rica), Cyberjaya, Selangor (Malaysia) and Zabierzow (Poland) GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN ​​Amway facilities around the world including Amway Experience Centers, Amway Business Centers and Shops and Distribution Centers Manufacturing and processing facilities are operated by Amway around the world 9

13 GLOBAL ORGANIC GROWING METHODS Amway has been committed to sustainable growing practices for over 80 years. Today, many plants and herbal ingredients are grown on Amway Plantations which are known for producing unique and herbal ingredients locally. All Amway plantations use organic farming practices and processing methods. To ensure the quality of Amway nutritional and beauty products, the company controls the entire supply chain, tracking the path of seeds, plants, cultivated land, water and nutrients. When plants are grown by an Amway supplier, the NutriCert certification process is used as a guideline for documenting origins and growth dates on those products. NUTRILITE is the only vitamins and minerals brand in the world that grows, harvests and processes plants on their own certified acreage. 13 plant products are also used in ARTISTRY cosmetics and body care products. GLOBAL HEKTAR certified growing land owned by Amway in the United States, Mexico and Brazil and on which we practice sustainable agriculture CATEGORIES FIVE Alternative CATEGORIES NutriCert standards provide evaluation criteria for the examination of suppliers of vegetable products that are not grown on Amway's own plantations. The categories for these standards include human well-being / safety in the workplace, environmental conditions of the cultivated areas, water and soil, crop protection, harvest and storage, and types of operations such as wild picking. GLOBALNEWS.AMWAY.COM 10

14 SUPPLY CHAIN ​​MANUFACTURING AND R&D EXPANSION Amway is in a major phase of global manufacturing and R&D expansion with four facilities in the US, a new facility in India, a second facility in Vietnam and an R&D center in China . The US facilities will support the NUTRILITE brand and will include: A $ 81 million manufacturing and storage facility located near global corporate headquarters in Ada, Michigan. The square meter facility will take over selected manufacturing processes for NUTRILITE vitamins, minerals and dietary supplements. A US $ 42 million project in Buena Park, California includes a new granulation facility to support tablet manufacturing, new R&D facilities, laboratories and a two-story administration building. A US $ 50 million Nutrilite plant concentrate processing facility in Quincy, Washington, will process plants from the neighboring Trout Lake Farm plantation. Construction of a US $ 24 million powdered nutritional product facility at its global corporate headquarters in Ada, Michigan, was recently completed. The company is also building a $ 100 million manufacturing facility in Tamil Nadu, India, and a $ 25 million manufacturing facility in Vietnam. In China, Amway is building a $ 10 million plant research center in Wuxi, near Shanghai, with the aim of combining scientific knowledge in product development with the historical uses of traditional plants. LOCATIONS USD 332 MILLION INVESTED IN NEW FACILITIES 11


16 CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY COMMITMENT TO PEOPLE AND THE ENVIRONMENT Part of Amway's corporate philosophy is to use our core competencies to offer solutions to global challenges. We use our expertise in the field of optimal nutrition to help children in particular to develop their full potential. We also support the voluntary work of individuals in their communities. Another focus of our corporate responsibility is minimizing the ecological footprint of our production processes and in our buildings around the world. 13th

17 FIGHTING UNDERNUTRITION IN CHILDREN Malnutrition is the indirect cause of death for millions of children under the age of 5 worldwide. Because the lack of important vitamins and minerals not only inhibits physical growth and cognitive development but also prevents the body from being able to fight diseases accordingly. With the NUTRILITE Power of 5 campaign, Amway, together with employees, sales partners and customers, is increasing public awareness of this social problem and is offering a solution with NUTRILITE Little Bits. NUTRILITE Little Bits is a dietary supplement specially formulated for malnourished children under 5 years of age. Together with CARE and other charities, Amway supports local nutrition projects for malnourished children. Each child receives a sachet with 15 vitamins and minerals per day as a supplement to a meal. With over 80 years of experience in nutrition science and research, Amway is well positioned to understand and address the global problem of child malnutrition. For more information on the NUTRILITE Power of 5 Campaign and Little Bits, please see PRODUCTS 15 SUCCESSFUL COUNTRIES WHERE NUTRILITE LITTLE BITS PROGRAMS WILL BE IMPLEMENTED BY 2016. Pioneer cost to provide NUTRILITE Little Bits to a child for 1 year is Nutrilite Little Bits A supplementary micronutrient against malnutrition that is enriched with phytonutrients 14 Fifteen essential vitamins and minerals are contained in every pack of NUTRILITE Little Bits, including vitamin C from acerola cherries grown on Amway plantations GLOBALNEWS.AMWAY.COM 14

18 CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY MOBILIZING PEOPLE The One by One campaign for children, launched by Amway in 2003, brings together resources from across the Amway family through volunteer work, donations and problem solving in communities where Amway People live to improve children's lives. FURTHER INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE AT AMWAY.DE, AMWAY.CH, AMWAY.AT. CHILDREN VOLUNTEER HELPERS 12 MILL. 3.5 MILLIONChildren who have been helped by the Amway One Hour Volunteering by One program since its launch by Amway Distributors since 2003 and donated to employees RESOURCES $ 250 MILLION TOTAL DONATIONS FROM AMWAY, AMWAY DISTRIBUTORS AND EMPLOYEES FOR THE AMWAY ONE BY ONE PROGRAM 15

19 GLOBAL SUSTAINABILITY Amway respects our environment and the people who live in it. This sense of responsibility is clearly evident in the company's longstanding commitment to environmental protection and sustainable production. Sustainability has been one of the core principles of our business since the company was founded in 1959. This was already evident in our first product, Liquid Organic Cleaner (L.O.C.), which was concentrated and biodegradable. Amway is constantly looking for new and innovative solutions to integrate sustainability goals into all of its business operations. For example, reducing waste is a priority in our business systems and processes. has led to a reduction in water consumption and lower CO2 emissions. In their daily work, Amway employees develop and implement sustainable processes that include alternatively generated energy and sustainable agriculture. 2014 TARGETS ACHIEVED AT THE US LOCATION DOUBLES THE AMOUNT OF WIND ENERGY USED SINCE 2013 25% 10% lower greenhouse gas emissions since 2008 Lower water consumption since 2008 SUCCESS 43 UPCOMING FORMULAS FOR HOUSEHOLD CARE PRODUCTS ARE NOW THE US UNDER THE DFE-SCHEME (DESIGN) AMERICAN ENVIRONMENTAL AUTHORITY CERTIFIED. AMWAY HAS COMMITTED TO REACHING AND MAINTAINING DFE PARTNERSHIPS FOR ALL IN QUESTION PRODUCTS GLOBALNEWS.AMWAY.COM 16

20 AMWAYS GLOBAL PRESENCE NORTH AND SOUTH AMERICA ASIA PACIFIC EUROPE, INDIA & AFRICA CHINESE Regional President: Candace Matthews Regional President: Mark Beiderwieden Regional President: Samir Behl Regional President: Gan Chee Eng Markets: - Central America - North America - South America Markets: - Australia - Japan - Korea - New Zealand - Southeast Asia Markets: - Europe - India - Russia - Southern Africa Markets: - China - Hong Kong - Taiwan ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Amway Press Center: Amway StartUp: Amway Insider: Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report: Expansion of manufacturing facilities: Science and research: Supply chain: 1 Based on population data available for the relevant markets and on a study carried out by an independent market research organization in China, India, Japan , Korea, Malaysia, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand, the United States and Vietnam between May 2013 and June 2014. 2 Based on an investigation by an independent market research organization, April - May Based on an investigation by an independent market research organization, November 2013 January Based on an investigation by an independent market research organization, May Certain exclusions apply. 6 The respective terms and conditions apply. 7 Euromonitor International Limited, 8 Based on gender reporting markets. 9 Euromonitor International Limited, 10 Euromonitor International Limited, 11 Based on a study by Verify Markets on global sales per year Based on a study by Verify Markets on global sales per year Euromonitor International Limited, 14 ORC International 7575 FULTON STREET EAST, ADA MI / US / GLOBALNEWS.AMWAY.COM