How does a hairdresser remove hair dye

Removing hair color and tint: tips & home remedies

With every hair experiment, the anticipation is great. After all, you have a specific idea of ​​what the new look should look like. But if you want to save money, you can quickly go to the drugstore and at home the new color is quickly mixed. But often the result is neither the packaging nor the hair of your hair model. So the color has to disappear as quickly as possible. We'll tell you here how you can remove and withdraw hair color without everything getting worse!

In difficult cases it is better to go to a professional

Tints such as eggplant or copper in particular are difficult to get rid of: Hair that has been pre-treated with perms or highlights often takes on color more intensely than you would have liked. The soft tint can be a problem. To get your original hair color back, you should turn to a professional. You cannot easily get hair discoloration at the hairdresser's at home.

You can achieve a lot with simple home remedies

Lemon, chamomile tea or honey, which almost everyone has in their pantry at home, can help to remove the unwanted hair color. They have a bleaching effect that you can use to lighten dark discolored hair. You can use a chamomile tea conditioner after your regular hair conditioner. Another way to get rid of a yellow tinge is with the silver shampoo. The bluish color pigments neutralize the yellow tinge and the hair color looks cooler.

This is how you can remove the hair color in simple steps

If your hair has not been extremely treated beforehand or you have just resorted to the wrong tint, then several hair washes will already ensure the desired effect. In more difficult cases, hair scrubs are an option. By using it before washing, the hair is cleaned right down to the fiber and the color can come off more easily. An anti-dandruff shampoo can also help with hair bleaching because it roughens up the hair shaft. A bleaching wash, for which three percent hydrogen peroxide is sometimes sufficient, can also help. If the hair turns orange afterwards, you can get closer to your desired color with another tint.

The miracle product Color B4

Nothing is sold that often around the world to discolor hair again. In the exposure time of 30 to 60 minutes, the molecules inside the hair are removed and sent outside so that they can then be washed out. Even dark hair can be freshened up with B4 and color accidents in copper or ash can also be eliminated. You should only avoid Color B4 with henna or extreme tones such as black, black-violet or fire red. Otherwise you might expect a blotchy result.