What has nature designed for us

One Life: A new vision of nature

A new vision of nature

Nature as a whole has no direction and no goal, there is no ideal balance, there is no good or bad, but all ecosystems are always dynamic and changing. Planets themselves do not have an instinct for survival and the earth was not "worse" in the past with little biodiversity, with the ice age, with climatic extremes - or without humans. On the basis of questions about the environmentally harmful effects of human activity such as climate change, it is not really an environmental crisis that unfolds, but a crisis our pictures of the good life on earthwho are suddenly threatened. Strictly speaking, there is always a "healthy planet" for humans only with regard to the best living conditions for themselves. When we humans speak of the saving of nature, we actually mean our own, which is inextricably linked with its environment.

We want a very specific kind of nature around us: environments that consist of human achievements (cities, fields, gardens), but also of things and living beings that (at least apparently) were not formed by humans, such as forests, robins , Mountain panoramas, the sea - or your own house cat. To maintain or create this nature, which is beneficial to one's own well-being and health, is the central concern of people today. Where the harmful effects on one's own health are noticeable, the emotional involvement in the topic increases: The record summer temperatures in Europe have made the topic of climate change tangible, the microplastics verifiably end up not only in the sea, but in our bodies, as well as the hormones Factory farming, the fine dust in the air. The illusion of a boundary between the environment “out there” and one's own biology dissolves. Nature is and will remain a resource for one's own health, but today more and more people think that it is a part of him and he is part of it. That is what makes the environment so personal.

Health as a basic motive

For us, nature is synonymous with a good, healthy life. The basic motive on which everything is based is ultimately our own health. Knowledge of external health factors and their integration into larger contexts is becoming more and more relevant, for example when it comes to the influence of local industrial activities on global environmental factors or the influence of local health decisions (vaccination or not, genetic modifications or not) on the health of the global world community. From this also follows the inevitable realization that an individual alone does not have the power to create the best of all health conditions, but that only all people can do this together, under the thought of mutual influence through their own actions and in the Knowledge of integration in larger contexts.

This text is an abbreviated and modified extract from the trend study "Neo-Ecology": This sheds light on the megatrend of the same name, which will shape our present like no other. Environmental awareness is changing from a lifestyle issue to a collective question - and the climate crisis forms the basis for the emergence of a new global identity.