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Effects on health insurance, child benefit, BAföG ...

Self-employed as a student
Self-employment as a student naturally changes a lot. Depending on the age and the amount of future profits, there may be effects on child benefit, BAföG, health and pension insurance. As a self-employed person, you should insure yourself against some risks. And finally, there may also be financial subsidies for self-employment that you can apply for.
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Working independently during your studies: So that everything goes well, you should know the effects. And be properly insured!

1. Health insurance

Most Students under 25 years of age are about their parents family insured and do not pay their own contributions. It can stay that way if you part-time self-employed work and yours monthly income regularly no higher than 470 euros are (as of 2021). You can work more during the semester break. If the income limit is exceeded for more than three months within a year, the family insurance ends. Before you do anything wrong, you'd better ask your health insurance company BEFORE!

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It doesn't work without health insurance.

Students who cannot or no longer have family insurance because they exceed the above-mentioned income limit or are older than 25 years can then take out statutory insurance ("student health insurance") at a comparatively low rate - but only if they are only part-time work. If you are classified as full-time, you will not be covered by compulsory student insurance. In this case, you have the option of either taking out voluntary statutory health insurance or switching to private health insurance. But then it can quickly become expensive. You then have to pay a monthly fee of between 200 and 500 euros because the reference value is used as a benchmark here.

The health insurance company decides whether self-employment is full-time or part-time! Time and financial aspects are decisive for the assessment. If you do not work more than 20 hours a week, the health insurance usually assumes that you are self-employed as a part-time job. However, this does not apply if your monthly self-employed income exceeds 75% of the monthly reference amount (i.e. 2,467.50 EUR, as of 2021); In this case, the health insurance fund assumes that you make a living mainly from this income and that you are therefore self-employed. In any case, you should inform your health insurance company early on about your self-employment and later regularly about the income development (e.g. by submitting an income tax assessment). Otherwise there is a risk that the health insurance company will terminate the student health insurance at a later point in time and make contributions - also retrospectively up to the date of business registration! - asks.