What are the best HIMYM quotes

"How I Met Your Mother": The ten best sayings from Barney & Co!

That was it! End, out, unfortunately over. Ted has finished telling the story of "the mother". His children had to prove a lot of sedentary meat and sit on the couch for nine years. During this long time, of course, a lot of funny sayings have been made. We have put together the best here

1. "There are only two reasons to date a girl you've already dated: breast implants!" - Barney

2. "The only reason to wait a month for sex is when the little one is 17 years and 11 months old." - Barney

3. "Embarrassment rule number 1: It's only embarrassing if we allow embarrassment!" -Marshall

4. "One minute we clash and the next ... we clash!" - Ted

5. "I always have an emergency costume with me on Halloween - if I don't end up with the hottest girl at the party, I have the chance to make a second first impression." - Barney

6. "And now some funny facts about Long Island ... Number 1: That's where all the farts from Brooklyn blow. Robin

7.Robin: "What can I say?" Lily: "Just be yourself, say something nice!" Robin: "What now? I can't do both!"

8. "Lily, you just gave the kids a staple gun, super sharp scissors, and a pretty expensive pinot noir." - Marshall

9. "God, it's Barney. What's going on? I know we don't talk to each other often, although quite a few women call your name because of me ... Isn't it awesome, isn't it?" - Barney

10. "So, living in a straight relationship can make a man gay." - Barney