Who would win Galactus or Anti Monitor?

About Aunt May (Herald of Galactus)

When May Reilly Parker had to babysit the son of her nephew's friend, a little boy named Franklin Richards, she never expected that cosmic powers would be transferred to her a little later! A fight against Galactus resulted in the loving aunt becoming a Cosmic Herald, also known to some as the Golden Oldie! Now she is helping the world devourer by finding alternative (sometimes based on good baked goods) sources to satisfy his endless hunger!

Aunt Mays how it works

The Herald's power has granted Aunt May multiple immunities and resistances. Aunt May's abilities are based on her need to feed Galactus. May builds stacks of pancakes that can be used after using the 3rd superpower. The pancakes are then “fed” to their opponent, which means that these high-carbohydrate treats are heavy in his stomach, while Aunt May has outbursts of anger at his inability to EAT HIS PLATE ONCE!

Basic stats & skills



Strength (maximum special level)

3 stars
4 stars
6 stars
(Rank 3,
Level 45)

Figure class: Cosmic

Basic skills: Invisibility, energy damage, outburst of anger, pancakes


  • Incinerate, Cold Snap, and Shock Debuffs
  • Any Incinerate, Cold Snap, or Shock debuff on Aunt May does 100% less damage and is considered a unique buff for her skills, greatly increasing her potential damage recovery. And if, by the way, there should be a cold snap, please put on a sweater. You're gonna get yourself dead out there, boy!
  • When combined with Willpower Mastery, Aunt May can regenerate health while affected by these debuffs. We all want a happy and healthy Aunt May.
  • High energy damage
  • Each unique buff causes a burst of energy damage when hit.
  • Aunt May's 2nd Special Power greatly increases the damage done by this ability.


  • Frequent injuries
  • Even if Aunt May is immune to bleeding, whenever she receives an injury, she loses two stacks of pancakes and doesn't cause an outburst of anger by removing them. This can't happen more than once every 2 seconds, but even so, any champion who can inflict frequent and repeated injuries will be able to keep Aunt May's pancake stacks and outbursts of anger at a low level throughout the fight. This means that her superpowers won't get any additional skills and she won't become unstoppable if hit. The next time you look in the mirror, however, you should look into each other's eyes for a long time and remember that you hurt Aunt May. Does it feel right? Are you making the right choices in life? Wow buddy. Just wow.


The following stats and skills are based on a 5-star champion with rank 5, level 65


  • Immune to the effects of Bloodlust, Armor Break, Shattered Armor, Obliterate, Stagger, and Sealed Fate.
  • Cremation, Cold Snap, and Shock Debuffs at Aunt May generate 1 pancake stack per debuff.
  • Creates 1 pancake stack when hit.
  • Creates 1 pile of pancakes when you parry a blow.
  • Creates 4 additional pancake stacks with a timely save.
  • Aunt May removes 3 stacks of pancakes when she gets a blood rush. This cannot happen more than once every 2 seconds.

Developer Note:Pancake stacks are Aunt May's primary skill. Learning how to make them and how to get the most out of them is key to both fighting and fighting as Aunt May. The best pancakes are made from buckwheat flour mixed with whole wheat flour. Use applesauce or bananas as an egg substitute if you eat a vegetable diet. Make sure the syrup is at room temperature when you mix it into the batter. Flip them over when the tiny bubbles rise to the top. You also serve the REAL maple syrup, not the artificial, chemical stuff.

Passive - Pancake Stack

Pancake stacks last indefinitely, up to 15 stacks. Any additional stacks of pancakes will last for 5 seconds. Pancake stacks are limited to 20.

  • For each stack of pancakes, the physical resistance and the energy resistance are increased by +127.66.
  • Whenever a stack of pancakes is removed or the duration expires, Aunt May receives a permanent passive outburst of rage that grants +36.81 attack. These rage effects are capped at 60.

Developer Note:The fact that Aunt May's pancake stacks have a certain duration once it reaches 15 stacks is basically beneficial. When those pancake piles expire, they will give Aunt May a passive outburst for the remainder of the fight. These pancakes are also very high in carbohydrates and stick to your ribs. You look so thin Have you eaten enough Load up a few of these before you start fighting.

When she is attacked

  • If Aunt May is hit and she has 15 or more pancake stacks, she becomes unstoppable for 5 second (s) and removes 3 pancake stacks instead of creating any.

Developer Note:This is the main skill to keep in mind when fighting Aunt May. Once she has 15 pancake stacks, any subsequent hit will grant her unstoppability. This takes effect immediately, so Aunt May will be able to strike back even if her opponent is still on the move. But first the opponent has to be aware that he has just HAUNTED AUNT MAY! Why? Not cool.


  • For the next 8 second (s), Aunt May's attacks will wipe out all unstoppable buffs when hitting the enemy.

1. Super power - what am I seeing right now?

Aunt May's new golden shape confuses her opponent and he loses perspective.

  • The second hit of this attack inflicts a non-stacking passive shock that deals 2440.2 Energy Damage over 8 seconds
  • After finishing this attack, Aunt May activates a Cosmic Mantle to become invisible for 3 seconds, giving the enemy a 100% chance to miss their target. This is not triggered when fighting an opponent with #Psychic shielding.
  • When Aunt May lands an attack, fends off an attack or the opponent activates a superpower, her position is revealed and the invisibility is removed.

Developer's note: When playing Aunt May, you should never use your own 1st Sk as long as the opponent has 1 or more full power bars, as the opponent may reciprocate with his own superpower and tear off Aunt May's coat. Instead, bait the opponent's Sk before Aunt May uses hers. This way you have free and easy access to intercept heavy attacks with the coat! Really very fitting, May, to risk more GOLD in your golden years.

2. Super Power - Golden Oldie

Aunt May collects more cosmic powers and shines even brighter, which blinds and pushes back her opponent.

  • Aunt May increases the potency of bursts of energy or physical damage by 180% for the duration of this superpower.
  • If at least 3 unique buffs are active when this superpower is started, Aunt May creates an unavoidable buff for 4 seconds.

Developer Note: Once Aunt May is sitting on a comfortable number of unique buffs, launching the 2nd superpower can be devastating for the opposing champion. If the Unblockable Buff is a Preferred Candidate, players can keep their Cosmic Power Buff until this Super Power is completed and then renew its duration. Your picture of Aunt May will probably be in ruins for half a day. We're sorry and / or you're welcome.

3. Super power - earthly pleasures

Aunt May crushes the opponent with a piece of the stadium and then rushes into space to "feed" him with a planet-sized breakfast.

  • Aunt May is unreliable and unstoppable for 8 second (s).
  • When Aunt May has 15 or more pancake stacks, she removes all pancake stacks and gets a passive outburst of rage for 8 second (s), increasing her attack by 490.8.
  • When Aunt May has 20 stacks of pancakes, all of her Fury effects are + 100% stronger for 8 second (s).

Developer Note: The ability Aunt May wins at 20 stacks of pancakes enhances all of her outburst effects, including the outburst she gets at 15 pancake stacks, any passive outbursts she has gained so far from removing pancake stacks, and any new outbursts of fury that she receives from removing pancake stacks Removing stacks of pancakes can be gained while the skill is active. She slaved over a hot cosmic oven to make you those wheat pancakes. You're not just going to push the plate away, are you? Maybe you just need more syrup.

Special Ability - You don't have an old lady, do you ?!

- Unstoppable

Super powers: Aunt May becomes unstoppable and shakes off all attacks for 10 seconds.

Developer Note: Seriously now ... are you really trying to beat up Aunt May? Just because it's golden and shiny? I can't stress that enough: THIS IS AUNT MAY! You are a monster.


  • SPIDERS AUNT with Spider-Man, Spider-Man (symbiote), Spider-Man (camouflage suit), Spider-Man (heavily upgraded)
  • All champions gain 5% health
  • HEROLDS OF GALACTUS with Silver Surfer, Air-Walker, Terrax
  • All champions get +90 Critical Damage Rating.
  • THE GOLD STANDARD with gold pool
  • All champions receive + 8% super power rating.
  • LEFT AT THE ALTAR with Doctor Octopus [Unique Synergy]
  • All champions gain + 4% chance of Perfect Defense.
  • ANTI-TANTI ANT-ANTI mitAnt-Man [Unique Synergy]
  • All champions win +1 for word games. (Only works if Ant-Man faces Aunt May while placing his bet during a poker game).


Double edge

Aunt May is immune to Injury, so the Double Edge Injury has no effect on her, but she still gets the Attack Boost. In a regular fight, injuries remove pancake stacks (and do not grant Aunt May outbursts), but the double-edged injury occurs early in the fight, before Aunt May has to remove any pancake stacks. But remember, big pancakes make big stinkers. Be careful where you go with so much carbohydrates and fiber rumbling around in you!