How does renting a house work

Rent a house - 10 tips for a successful house rental

8. Rent a holiday home - note these special features

Renting a house as a holiday home offers the opportunity to earn a high rent in some regions. However, renting a holiday home is included a lot of work and financial effort connected. The potential guests are not satisfied with the discarded furniture from the basement, but book holiday homes that are nicely furnished. So investments must be made here. After furnishing and renovating, it is important to advertise the vacation property. If nobody knows about your holiday home, nobody can travel there. Many holiday home landlords use the full service of a rental company in their holiday resort. In return for a commission payment, these companies take over the guest acquisition, key handover, cleaning & Co - but assume that the companies are not interested in providing your holiday home with a great occupancy rate. Rental companies have little interest in renting out, especially in the off-season when rental prices are low. If you want to rent out the property yourself, you should be familiar with marketing on the Internet, respond to inquiries immediately and invest a lot of time in marketing the holiday home.

A big advantage of the holiday home: Your tenants move out after a few days or weeks. You remain flexible and if you want to sell your house, there are fewer difficulties than with a permanently rented property and long-term loss of rent is prevented.

Also the tax aspects of vacation rentals is notable. One of the factors that plays a role here is how often you use your holiday home yourself. If the contract with the rental company excludes “personal use”, the matter will be dealt with quickly and you only have to send a copy of the agency agreement to the office. Otherwise you should find out more from your tax advisor. Also consider whether you, as a “small business owner” (income up to 17,500 euros per year) rent without sales tax (no sales tax advance notification) or decide to rent with sales tax (input tax deductible). Regardless of this, it is possible that your holiday rental is classified as a commercial activity by the tax office and you have to pay trade tax.

If you do not achieve good occupancy figures or too little income, the tax office assumes you are a hobby and the losses from renting the holiday home cannot be claimed for tax purposes.