Really do people whiplash

That can be adjusted - chiropractic therapy for the back

How do blockages arise?

Blockages often arise suddenly and can have many causes. For example, if we lift too heavily or remain in an unhealthy posture for too long, it can hit us: A vertebra slips out of its original position and cannot find its way back. His movement is blocked.

A single wrong movement can also be the cause of a blockage, as can external violence, especially whiplash. In particular, people who exercise little are at higher risk of vertebral blockages. Your back muscles are often weakened.

Targeted straightening

If the chiropractor finds a blockage, he examines and checks with his hands how flexible the vertebrae and joints are and whether they are exactly in place. In this way, he also identifies pressure-sensitive, painful hardenings in the muscles surrounding the blockage.

The chiropractor loosens the blockages using special manipulation techniques. Colloquially, one speaks here of straightening. The techniques are now much gentler than the expression suggests.

Mobilization and manipulation

A particularly gentle technique is what is known as mobilization. The chiropractor carefully moves the joint surfaces towards each other so that they are relieved and can slide back into their correct position.

In so-called manipulation, the vertebra or joint is returned to its original position with a short pulse of impulses. An audible crack can indicate that the blockage has been successfully released. After the correction, the pain usually subsides immediately and the muscles slowly relax again.

Possibilities and limits of chiropractic therapy

Chirotherapy can quickly provide the longed-for relief for acute back pain. It is considered a recognized form of treatment and can successfully complement drug and surgical therapies.

However, whether chiropractic therapy makes sense for a patient depends on their state of health. Contraindications are, for example, a fresh herniated disc, previously damaged vertebrae, bone tumors, osteoporosis (bone loss) or arteriosclerosis in the area of ​​the cervical vertebrae. Before each manipulation of the spine, it is therefore carefully clarified whether a treatment is an option.

Chiropractic is not just chiropractic

"Only doctors are involved in chiropractic therapy," explains Petra Rudnick from the TK medical center. In a special training course, medical professionals learn the appropriate techniques and thus acquire the additional designation "chiropractic" or "chiropractic / manual medicine". Only they are allowed to use this designation. "The job title is protected by law and the training is standardized and uniform," said Rudnick.

Further training to become a chiropractor, on the other hand, is also open to alternative practitioners, but is not subject to any uniform regulation with regard to the scope of training and content.