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How to get the look of Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter

There are two TV characters whose careers are directly related to good looks and suits: Jon Hamm as Donald “Don” Draper in “Mad Men” and Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter in the US lawyer series “Suits”. "Mad Men" is set in a time when a suit was the norm. “Suits” in a milieu in which it is still considered good form to wear one today.

Even in the noughties, the classic men's uniform was frowned upon and only made its big comeback in this decade - especially in fashion. Today it is even worn ironically by comedians: men like Jan Böhmermann, who made it into the "GQ Best Dressed" list, Joko Winterscheidt or the German hip-hop legend Jan Delay, also awarded as "GQ Best Dressed" - Man, to name a few.

And men bloggers and Instagramers who are to be taken seriously also like to appear on the internet in a well-tailored suit look. Young men are experiencing cultural change, want to wear suits again and show their attitude. While the 1990s and 2000s were the decade of sneakers and windbreakers, this decade is fashionable for the suit. You can find it in almost every designer collection.

This explains the success of the US series “Suits”. The series character Harvey Specter walks through the series in perfectly fitting Tom Ford suits. His sidekick Patrick J. Adams wears them loosely, in this case younger, i.e. narrower cut - with Converse chucks.

Both actors like it more casual in their private lives. Nevertheless, Gabriel Macht admits in an interview what happens when he steps into his suit on set: “It's like putting on a protective vest, it immediately changes your posture.” A phenomenon that everyone feels when they first step into one well-tailored made-to-measure suit rises. The chest swells, the back becomes straight, you want to walk upright, no longer shuffle. In short: the suit wearer becomes an office warrior. A suit provides stability in a world that has become more confusing, where classic role stereotypes are breaking up. But nobody has to go back to the "Don" -draper times. If you want, you can leave the role quickly, you just have to take off the suit. Because man is more today: father, soccer fan, lover - wearing a suit is just one facet of many. That too is a new freedom. OK then.

Every type of jacket requires the right collar shape, which in turn defines the tie knot.

If Harvey wore a collar that was too narrow with a Tom Ford suit, the notorious "collar gap" would result - this is how the space between the collar and lapel is described, which in this case is immediately noticeable: the collar does not close properly on the lapel from. The solution: choose a "more powerful" collar shape.

One last question remains: should it be a single or double Windsor? We prefer the simple Windsor in everyday life because it doesn't seem quite so "festive". In addition, the double Windsor consumes a lot of tie, which quickly gets men with long torsos into trouble. In the end, the tie is simply too short.

7 style secrets from Gabriel Macht

  1. 1

    Jackets with wide lapels give him “power” in appearance, while slim-fitting suits look smart. Make a note of it for the presentation in the office. Depending on what you want to achieve, you can underline your claim.

  2. 2

    In his private life, Gabriel Macht also wears combat boots, jeans and a T-shirt. But his suits have made him famous. Think about it. Gabriel Macht commented in an interview: “Since this role I have a lot more respect for people who design and tailor suits. I love the suits Harvey wears. They are well tailored, are classic, elegant and also have something romantic about them. They are also very comfortable. I only ever wore suits to weddings. Now I wear one every day. They make me look smarter. "(Source: www.vox.de)

  3. 3

    Tom Ford is one of Harvey's favorite designers. He shares this dear passion with James Bond.

  4. 4

    The most German thing about actor Gabriel Macht is his predilection for Birkenstocks. He likes to mention them when it comes to his own style. Note: Quirks make you charming - and you don't look too slick.

  5. 5

    In the series he almost always wears a tie with a suit - privately without it and the shirt collar open. Both okay.

  6. 6

    Gabriel Macht describes his role in "Suits" as a mixture of Cary Grant and Steve McQueen. Can we sign like that.

  7. 7

    The actor wears up to ten designer suits per episode. Stylist Jolie Andreatta has up to 100 suits on set. So it's no wonder that Gabriel Macht always looks like it was peeled from the egg.

PLUS: How to find the perfect suit

Three good tips from the GQ style advisor - you can find even more advice on the subject here.

The shoulders of the jacket

One of the most important points with a jacket is the shoulder area. This area has a decisive influence on whether the jacket has the perfect fit or not. The 80s, with their monstrous shoulder pads, were the exception, most suit designers always wanted the shoulders to look as natural as possible.

There are two things to keep in mind: The shoulder area must not be too wide. That makes the head look too small and looks like the communion suit borrowed from the older brother. But it mustn't be too narrow either, because then the head looks too straight. The rule: the shoulder seam must be flush with the upper arm.

Patterns & colors

Whether monochrome in gray, dark blue or black, possibly also in a subtle pinstripe? Basically, the following rule applies: the higher the position and the more formal the occasion, the darker the choice of color should be. The most important tips about suit colors can be found in our infographic.

Shirt collar, tie and lapel

The harmonious interplay of shirt collar, tie and lapel has a decisive effect on the overall appearance. At Harvey Specter this is perfectly solved, as we explain here.

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