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The mouse arm

The mouse arm, a so-calledRSI syndrome (Repetitive Strain Injury - something like "Injury due to repeated overloading"), due to a lack ofErgonomics at the workplace caused. Poor posture, a chair that is set too high or too low, and the lack of palm rests on the mouse and keyboard all lead to the development of a mouse arm. In addition, there are often unfavorable movements and joint positions (Forced postures)that cause overuse of joints, muscles and tendons. A straight, comfortable sitting posture with relaxed shoulders and arms, the most neutral position possible of the wrists when working (not bent or bent to the side) and an ergonomic keyboard or mouse reduce the risk of illness. The chair, monitor and work surface should also be checked for correct heights and distances.

Mouse arm diagnosis - what to do?

An ergonomic oneRedesign of the workplace basically makes sense. A consultation with the employer is often helpful here, who can make adjustments if necessary. Depending on the severity, type and duration of the symptoms, the doctor can do the followingForms of therapy prescribe or initiate:

  • Short-term administration of Painkillers (Analgesics) and anti-inflammatory drugs, but these are not permanent solutions
  • At timesImmobilization of the hand or forearm with a mouse arm bandage or orthosis
  • Heat or cold treatments
  • Learning a relaxation technique like Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR)
  • Physiotherapy andergonomic movement training
  • Exercise baths for the affected hand
  • Accompanying psychotherapy to support relearning of pain memory