How does HCG help you lose weight

HCG Diet - How It Works

What is the HCG Diet?

The HCG diet has existed for over 60 years. It was developed by the English doctor Dr. Albert Simeons. At that time he injected his "patients" with a dose of HCG every day. In the meantime, various manufacturers also offer HCG drops, sprays or pills, some of which only contain the hormone in homeopathic doses.

In addition to the daily HCG dose, the HCG diet reduces the energy intake to 500 kcal per day, so it is a so-called hypocaloric diet. Due to the strict regulations, the pounds should drop - thanks to HCG in specific areas (hips, thighs).

What exactly is HCG?

HCG is a protein hormone that the body of expectant mothers produces and is responsible for maintaining pregnancy. It is used therapeutically to treat infertility. Medicines containing HCG are not approved for weight loss. Among other things, the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) warn against such dubious slimming products that are offered on the Internet.

This is how the HCG diet works

The HCG diet plan extends for up to six weeks. From the very beginning, HCG is supplied daily - in addition to the classic injections, HCG is now also available as tablets, drops and globules. On the first two days (the so-called Loading phase) those who want to lose weight should eat as much as they can, preferably high in fat and calories. Presumably one wants to oversaturate the body and generate desire for healthy food. During the actual diet period (from day three, the so-called Diet phasewhich lasts 21 days) sugar, fat and carbohydrates are prohibited and only 500 kcal per day are allowed.

A typical day during an HCG cure looks like this: tea or coffee without sugar, a maximum of one teaspoon of milk (the daily ration) for breakfast, at lunchtime 100 grams of meat or fish (not pork) and one type of vegetable are served on the plate. There is also a grissini or a slice of toast and a handful of fruit. Same goes for dinner. The calories need to be counted.

In the 3rd phase, the so-called Stabilization phasewhich lasts about three weeks, the calorie intake is slowly increased again. Now the foods that were avoided during the HCG diet can be eaten again.

This is what the HCG diet brings

You actually lose weight quickly and noticeably with the HCG diet. However, this is not due to the hormone, but to the drastically reduced daily amount of calories.

Risks of the HCG Diet

Alone Limiting to 500 calories is extremely worrying (the German Nutrition Society recommends a reduction to a maximum of 1,000 kcal). Over a longer period of time, the strict HCG diet plan threatens massive nutrient, mineral and vitamin deficits, the metabolism goes down extremely, muscles are broken down and the body will bunker calories all the more eagerly after the end of the HCG cure (yo-yo effect ).

The intake of the hormone is also problematic in the HCG diet. Side effects can include menstrual disorders up to a missed period, fatigue, constant freezing, hair loss and thrombosis.

Anyone who gets the hormone on the Internet also risks getting a counterfeit product He's standing. This is at best ineffective, but in the worst case it can be harmful or even toxic. Either way, the cost of the hormone varies a lot.

Note: HCG products may not be sold as a weight loss aid, according to a statement from the consumer advice center. In the US, HCG products are illegal if offered as a slimming aid.

HCG Diet: Conclusion

There is no scientific evidence that HCG helps you lose weight. In America, the package insert for the drug even explicitly states that there is a lack of substantial evidence that this hormone promotes weight loss or alleviates feelings of hunger and other unpleasant side effects of a severely reduced calorie diet.

The very low total number of calories per day leads to rapid weight loss, but in the long run it leads to malnutrition and can damage your health. There is no learning effect with regard to healthy, balanced nutrition, but a yo-yo effect is very likely.

Various authorities and institutes advise against the HCG diet or even urgently warn against it. The pregnancy hormone is certainly not a miracle cure for weight loss.

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