How do you open a can

Open a can without a can opener - that's how it works in just 30 seconds

It happens: suddenly there is no can opener to open the ravioli can. On a camping trip, but also at home, it just happens that the all-important can opener has disappeared. Then good advice is expensive and the can has to be opened despite all adversities. We show and explain how this works here.

Everything is packed for the weekend getaway. Tents, sleeping mats, camping stoves and, since you cannot take a refrigerator with you, also canned food, of course. When you arrive at your destination, you are missing small but important details such as: can opener and corkscrew. How annoying, because in such situations there is usually no household shop nearby that sells these things at sunset. The outdoor fan knows his way around and knows how to open the can and save dinner for the group even without the necessary tool.


Open a can despite the lack of a can opener

The problem: the can opener is missing! If the essential tool for opening a can is missing, there is not much that can be prepared or laid out. Creativity and a little skill are required here. There are sure to be adventurous ways to open a metal can with a knife. Anyone who knows the large cuts that can result will be only too happy to do without them. In our DIY guide, we do not recommend the option of opening a can with a sharp knife. For one reason only: the risk of deep cuts is too great and there are actually better options. Another side effect that no outdoor fan is happy about: The blades of expensive knives are also blurred with this method. We also advise against other options, such as the screwdriver that is struck into the can with the ball of the hand, due to the high risk of injury.

Material and preparation

It is certainly interesting that a can is made of tinplate or aluminum, which is relatively soft compared to other types of metal and can therefore be easily processed or opened. This fact is the basis for opening a can without an opener. Furthermore, the construction of the can itself contains the solution sought. These are the outer wall, as well as the cover and base, which simply overlap on this outer wall. What is needed is a smooth, rough surface made of concrete. The footpath in the village, paving slabs in the garden or a simple stone are now needed. The smooth surface is necessary, it should be as straight as possible. If you cannot find such a smooth surface in the middle of nature, you will find it in the next town at the latest: The pedestrian zone, wherever there is a street, there is also the space required to open the can.

What you need:

  • Your can
  • a straight surface made of stone, for example a stone or the footpath

Tip: Drive to the next village or go to the entrance of a shop or restaurant. You will find the required rubbing surface here at the latest.

Open the can

The can is now rubbed back and forth on the stone with light pressure. Thanks to the friction, the edge of the protruding edge slowly opens. Depending on the condition of the can, it takes around 20-30 seconds for the first hole to show up on the edge of the edge. After further rubbing, the machine-applied edge loosens, the lid can then be carefully pressed into the can and then removed. Beware of small metal chips that may have been created when rubbing.

Tips for fast readers:

  • Do not open cans with a knife because of the high risk of injury.
  • looking for a rough stone surface.
  • Rub the can until the first liquid runs out.
  • Keep rubbing until the lid can be easily removed.