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Spartacus books in the correct order

Book series by Ben Kane

Series information on the series

Series name: Spartacus

The series was invented by Ben Kane (* 1970) over five years ago. The order now counts to two books. The book series originated in 2012. In the same year, the last or latest volume of the Spartacus-Books. Ben Kane has also devised another series with Eagles of Rome.

Chronology of all volumes (1-2)

The series opens with the part "The Gladiator". If you want to read all the volumes in order, you should study this book first. The next part, "Rebellion", was released in the same year without much delay.

  • Start of the sequence: 2012
  • (News) End: 2012
  • ∅ Continuation cycle: 6 months

Volume 1 of 2 of the Spartacus series by Ben Kane.


Order of the Spartacus Books

  1. Publisher: Preface Publishing

    Binding: Hardcover

  2. Publisher: Preface Publishing

    Binding: Hardcover


When will a new book for the Spartacus series appear?

Continuation of the Spartacus series by Ben Kane

If one assumes that an upcoming book would appear in the same interval as between the first two volumes of the series, it should therefore have emerged for 2013. Apart from that, we have not received any announcement of a supplementary part. In addition, the date mentioned was eight years ago.

Our Fact check clarifies whether a sequel to the Spartacus books with one 3rd part is likely:

  1. The trilogy is an approach that is often chosen to bring out a series of books. In the sequence, on the other hand, only two and thus fewer than three parts were written.
  2. Another book appeared six months apart. A publication date for the third volume of the series should have been prepared for 2013 if the rhythm had not changed.
  3. We are not aware of any specific announcement of a third part. You know more Get in touch!
Update: | Correct order of the book series after research. Errors excepted.