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So you can save smartphone games on PC

You want to play certain smartphone games on your PC, but you don't know how to do it? No problem, I am going to introduce you to various solutions and tools with which you can easily bring your favorite games on your smartphone or tablet to the big screen of your PC.


My top 3 methods for smartphone games on the PC

There are several ways to play smartphone games on your PC. Here are the most promising ways to do this:

  • Emulators (Android only): You install a program on your PC that makes the smartphone games believe it is an Android device.
  • Screen transfer: You use a program that transmits the screen of your smartphone to your PC. You then still have to make the entries on the smartphone, but you can see the game on the large PC monitor.
  • Find ports: Some games on Steam & vo. were originally smartphone games, but have been ported to PC (reprogrammed to run on a different system). With the right keywords, you can find them on game marketplaces like Steam.

Can you think of any more? Then feel free to write it together with your own experiences in the comments so that we can help each other.

Now you have an overview and we can start into the details of each of the three options.

Transfer the smartphone screen to the PC

There are some programs (e.g. screen recording programs) with which you can display the screen of your smartphone on your PC. Since you can often only look at the screen and not interact with it via PC, you would still have to control the game via the touchscreen.


  • Independent of smartphone and PC operating system: If you can view your smartphone screen on your PC, it doesn't matter what operating system your smartphone or PC has - this is one of the few options for iOS gamers
  • Keep scores: Since you have the game running on your smartphone, you can pick up where you left off on the way


  • Laborious: While playing, it can be annoying to look at the PC screen, but then to briefly look at the smartphone again to press buttons
  • Additional software required. You need special software to display the contents of your smartphone's screen on your computer. I use the recording software Screemium 3 (Mac) for this

I can only recommend this approach for situations if, for example, you want to record the mobile game Let's Plays on the PC or show the game play to someone sitting next to you on a larger screen.

Find smartphones ported for PC

More and more mobile games (especially from the areas of puzzle and strategy) are also being offered as desktop versions, sometimes even with more content and better graphics.


Here are the main advantages of this method of playing smartphone games on PC:

  • Also works for iOS games: Emulators are only available for Andorid, but this option is also available for us iOS users. I found many games on Steam that started out as iOS games but are now also available for PC.
  • No special software required: You don't need to buy and install any special emulator programs or other additional software, which can save you a lot of time and money.
  • Optimized for PC: In contrast to mobile games that are played via an emulator, ports are better optimized for playing on the PC (than with a mouse and keyboard)


  • Less choice: Only a fraction of smartphone games will at some point be developed for PCs
  • You have to buy the game again: While with some Android emulators you can use the games you have already purchased in the Play Store for free, you have to pay separately for a port to PC
  • Scores not transferable: Since the ported game is its own software product, scores are often not transferable between the PC and smartphone version

Smartphone emulators for PC

Emulators are special programs that simulate the hardware and operating system of a certain device (e.g. a smartphone or console) on another device (e.g. your PC) so that you can run software and games on it.


Smartphone emulators for PC have, among other things, these advantages:

  • Good control: Many emulator manufacturers ensure that you can comfortably control the games with your keyboard and mouse, even though the games were originally optimized for touchscreen
  • Extra functions: Some emulators offer things like macros, scripts or a farming mode. These tools can be rated as cheats for some games, which is why you should read the rules of the respective game before using these extra functions, but if they are allowed they can make repetitive activities much easier for you
  • If necessary, continue the score: Since you use the same Google account with Android emulators as on the smartphone and your game status can be linked to the Google account, there is a chance that you can continue the game status started on the smartphone on the PC


  • Android only: When looking for smartphone emulators for PC, I only found some for Android, not for iOS or other mobile operating systems. since Android open source and iOS is still a fairly closed system, it will likely stay that way in the near future
  • Special software required: In order for Android games to run on your PC, you have to download and install emulator software


Here are the most famous providers:

  • BlouseStacks: A specialized provider of Android emulators for PC. In the next section, I'll go into more detail about this provider, its features, prices, and available games
  • AirMore: AirMore is not an emulator provider but is a web-based management tool for mobile devices, with which you can also see the screen of the smartphone or tablet in the browser. They have their own instructions for playing mobile games on the PC
  • NoxPlayer: Another popular Android emulator, very similar in functionality and website design to BlueStacks. I only noticed that menu items like FAQ lead to the English language website, which could be a problem for some people

There are certainly many other providers that allow you to play smartphone games on the PC. These were just the providers that I found most helpful in my research

My recommendation: BlueStacks

I only became aware of the subject of “smartphone games on the PC” a few days ago, because someone from BlueStacks wrote to me (but this is not a sponsored article, it only contains a small partner link).

I liked the concept behind the software very much and both the feature list and the selection of games convinced me. Of course, in preparation for this article, I also looked at the other providers (listed above).

BlueStacks is still my recommendation because they have a clear German-language website, clearly explain the functionality and individual features, have comprehensive support articles and simply come across as personable and trustworthy.

But they are not without weaknesses: I don't like the fact that the prices of the premium package are not published on the homepage or on a “Prices / Packages” page and that there are so many loveless copies of well-known games in their games list.


There are numerous games in genres such as action, adventure, simulation, arcade or racing. However, I realized that there were only a few well-known titles among them (Fortnite and SimCity among others) - but there were all the more clones (e.g. Block Craft, Grass Craft and Start Craft as Minecraft clones, “Fruit Slicer” as “Fruit Ninja” “Clone etc). If you don't mind copies of well-known games and invest a little time in the search, you will find some entertaining and innovative games in the list.


Here are some of the BlueStack features that were featured on the website. I have not yet tested many of them myself, which is why I cannot make any statement about the quality and usefulness of these functions:

  • Customizable controls: You can start with the preset control options (keyboard layout, etc.), but you can also change the settings to suit you best
  • Aim faster and better: There is a special mode for shooter games that improves your reaction time, so it compensates for the slightly delayed reaction when playing with the keyboard and mouse compared to the touchscreen
  • Playing figure positioning with the mouse: MOBA games have their own mode with which you can freely position your character using the mouse
  • Multitasking: You can have several games open at the same time, e.g. if you are actively playing one game and have to wait for the completion of a building or the collection of resources for another. The multitasking or multi-instance functions also include a synchronization of your actions
  • Macros: You can record your actions in the game and then repeat them at any time with a single click. This is useful for very repetitive activities in games. However, you should read the rules of the respective game manufacturer beforehand, as such technical aids could be viewed as cheats in some games
  • Performance optimization: Optimize the performance of your PC with the "Farming Mode" if you have a lot of games running in the background
  • Real-time translation: One of my favorite BlueStacks features - you can play Android games on PC that are only available in English or Japanese, for example, but thanks to real-time translation, all text is displayed in German
  • Lock / unlock mouse: In some shooter / action games it can be helpful to automatically block or unblock the mouse in certain situations. Since I do not play such games myself, I unfortunately cannot give any use cases / practical examples here
  • Fluid display: It is advertised with "high frame rates", but concrete figures (e.g. 60 FPS) are not given

... and even more - I left out functions such as rerolling, scripts, etc. because I can hardly say anything about them. You can find more information on the BlueStack website (see link below).

I am pleasantly surprised at the large range of functions and will hopefully soon give an assessment of the content after using BlueStacks myself for a long time.


BlueStacks is free for now. There is, however, an optional premium subscriber that includes preferred support, advertising freedom for sponsored apps, simultaneous use of the premium account on up to five PCs and other benefits. I couldn't find out the exact prices either on the website or in the support area.

To BlueStacks (partner link)

My experiences

I often play smartphone games on the PC that have been ported to the new platform and can therefore also be found on Steam. These include, for example, "Plague Inc" or "The House of Da Vinci" which were first available as mobile games, but then also for PC.

After BlueStacks wrote to me (greetings to the marketing employee who is also called Saskia), I increasingly dealt with the subject of Android emulators for PC and was able to gain my own experience in this area as well. As someone who has rarely used Android so far, it took some training, but after 30-45 minutes I was able to start without any problems.

Bonus tip: It works the other way around - desktop games on the smartphone

Thanks to cloud gaming providers (link leads to my cloud gaming article) or tools like Steam Link, you can also play desktop games on your smartphone. So you can play smartphone games on your PC and then play PC games on your smartphone again. If you deal a little with the software required for this, you will soon have the opportunity to play almost any game on almost any type of device - just as it suits you.


Personally, I find smartphone operating system emulators (e.g. from Android) for PC the simplest and most elegant solution for playing mobile games on your own computer. Only we Apple users have had bad luck, as iOS is still a fairly closed system and we therefore cannot expect any iOS emulators for PC in the near future.

It is a very interesting topic that I will definitely continue to deal with and share with you all the experiences and tips I have gained. It could be that in 5 years all games will run in the cloud anyway and can be played on absolutely any device with an internet connection .- We will see how smartphone games and the technologies behind them will develop in the near future, I'm up Anyway, look forward to it and will keep you up to date - so don't forget to visit this blog regularly or sign up for the newsletter right away so you don't miss any exciting news.

Now it's your turn

Do you play smartphone games on the PC and if so, which method do you use and what is your experience with it so far? Which smartphone games do you prefer to play on the PC and which topics should I write about next?

Leave me a comment on these questions under this article or contact me on social networks under the username @SaskisNerstalk. Thank you for reading and see you soon,

Your Saski from Saski's Nerdtalk

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