Why are beach weddings so popular

"Yes, I do": Juister beach weddings are popular

Status: 08/15/2020 3:17 p.m.
The registry office on the East Frisian island of Juist has married more than 100 couples since 2019.

Sand under your feet, a ring on your finger - and a romantic view of the sea - for many Lower Saxony the perfect stage for the most important day in life: a wedding on the beach. In this case the beach on the North Sea island of Juist in the Aurich district. The registry office has been offering this special flair since 2019 - according to its own information, it is the first in Germany. And the business of love for life is booming. "We are fully booked a year in advance. Next year will be almost full, especially in the summer months," said registrar Katrin Wildenhein. The hundredth couple was married a few days ago - most of them are from the mainland, says Wildenhein.

Beach wedding on the third attempt

Bettina and Martin Meklenburg had to postpone their wedding on the beach twice - once because of a storm, then because of Corona. The third time it finally worked. 3 min

Three quarters of couples get married on the beach

In the main season, four to six marriages a day are normal on Juist. According to the registrar, 70 to 80 percent of the couples are now getting married on the patch of sand that has been rededicated as a registry office - if the inconsistent weather on the North Sea does not thwart plans. "Two hours ago I was still crying. I thought that it won't work today with the rain," said Annette Brand-Schimmelpfennig from Emsland. But it became something - the cloud cover tore open. And Brand-Schimmelpfennig and Bridegroom Andreas tied the knot. "We've both been married before and thought we don't need to do that again. At most barefoot on the beach," said the bride.

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