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Linda McMahon - biography, net worth, is she still married to Vince?

Fortunately, the marriage type where high school darlings become two and live together until the end of time, as we read in romance novels. Rarely do we expect Linda McMahon's husband to see anything like this in real life. It seems like he never heard this memo because he ultimately married his teenage sweetheart and their marriage has lasted for over five decades.

Linda is popularly known as a specialist in wrestling mogul. She is considered one of the founders of WWE who, together with her husband Vincent McMahon, popularized the mad sport in America. She was President of WWE and later became CEO from 1980 to 2009. During her time, the company made a quantum leap from a small local company in the Northeast to a large multinational. Linda was responsible for initiating the company's citizen programs called Smackdown Your Vote and Get Real.

She appeared sporadically, most notably in the wrestling feud with her wife that ended at WrestleMania X-Seven. She spent 30 years as a professional wrestling manager before joining Donald Trump's administration as Administrator of the Small Business Administration in 2017. Before that, she ran twice under the Republican for the US Senate and lost both times, first in 2010 to Richard Blumenthal - the Democratic Party candidate from Connecticut. She was later nominated for the other Connecticut Senate seat in 2012, but lost again to Chris Murphy - the Democratic representative.

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Linda Marie Edwards is her maiden name, she came the world on October 4, 1948, and her place of birth is New Bern, North Carolina. This indicates that she is a US citizen but her ethnicity is white. She joined her family as the only child of Henry and Evelyn Edwards, both employees of the Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point military base. Her family is a conventional Baptist family, but converted to Catholicism in her later years.

At the age of 13, Linda McMahon met Vincent K. McMahon, who was then 16 years old, Vincent's mother was also a co-worker in the same building as Linda's mother, but they hadn't met at the time. They eventually became friends of the family, and Vince, suffering from several abusive stepfathers, was at home feeling stable in the Edwards' home, where he eventually became a permanent fixture and spent quality time with Linda and her parents. Although Linda attended Havelock High School while Vince was nearby at Fishburne Military School, the two were best friends during their school years. Linda was an honorary student eager to move into the medical profession and eventually specialize as a pediatrician, but Vince raised the big question about graduating from high school.

They eventually tied the connubial knot on August 26, 1966, when Linda was 17 and Vince was 20, she was admitted to East Carolina University. She graduated with a BA in French and was certified as a teacher. The couple's marriage is blessed with a son named Shane McMahon (born 1970) and a daughter named Stephanie McMahon, who came six years later in 1976. She made both children grandparents with a total of six children, three from Shane and three more from Stephanie.

Wealth (income and earnings)

There are two variants of net worth for Linda McMahon, one source put it at a staggering $ 500 million, while another source put it at a staggering $ 855 million. There are still some who claim the former WWE executive's net worth is being scrutinized. Regardless of what may be the case, we have a list of some of the major issues she has made over the past few years.

Her two unsuccessful bids to the U.S. Senate cost her $ 100 million. She is an influential Republican donor, she made great donations to Donald Trump's campaign, and her family has supported many charities through WWE. They donated $ 4 million to the Donald J. Trump Foundation in 2007 and increased it to $ 5 million in 2009. Her donations to Fishburne Military School, East Carolina University, and Sacred Heart University totaled $ 8 million. The sum of 2.5 million US dollars was paid in 2006 to build a tennis facility in Ebensburg, Pennsylvania.

Is Linda McMahon still married to Vince?

By all accounts, Vince and Linda are stillthe proverbial happily ever after. Their marriage has been in existence for over 55 years and it still counts, despite going through a few ups and downs in the course of their relationship. The couple's marriage is expected to end only when death comes.

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