Black pudding is really great food

Blood sausage - the latest super food trend

Blood sausage has been an integral part of the Spanish tradition for generations. It recently gained huge popularity around the world when some scientists confirmed it as a nutrient-dense superfood like broccoli, kale, and spinach. Well, you can't escape the fact that blood sausages are made of fat and blood from pigs. Although its dark black color may be a foreword to many, this dish was specially made with the intent of consuming a bountiful by-product. To do this, the blood and fat of the pork are mixed with the fat and oatmeal before it is packed in the packaging. Then the sausage is boiled, fried, roasted and cut into pieces or cut into small pieces. Spices and spices can vary from region to region.

Although traditionally made from fats from pigs, there are now many vegetarian black pudding with oats or barley. In addition to the black pudding, you can also find those that do not contain blood, so they have a pale tone. Here are some facts about black pudding, how to serve it, and whether it's nutritional.

Is Black Pudding Good For Your Health?

It does contain too many nutrients like protein, iron, magnesium and zinc. On the other hand, it is high in calories and has an amount of salt per 100g. Also, instead of baking, frying can increase the amount of fat and salt several times. With all these factors in mind, we recommend that you take it occasionally and in smaller amounts (around 75 g).

How to serve the blood sausages

Blood sausages are usually cut into a round, cylindrical shape and fried before serving. However, the black pudding often crumbles with other dishes such as mashed potatoes, bubbles and squeaks. Adding it to other foods improves the taste several times.

Serve in the mash.

Inserting thick slices of sausage cannot taste good. However, when it is mashed and mixed with another dish, it has an excellent taste and multiplies the original taste of that dish. This idea is especially good for those who don't like to eat black pudding.

Use it as a condiment.

Because black pudding is a great ingredient, culinary experts insist on using scallops and cereals as seasonings.

In potato cake

Black pudding and potato chips are a winning combo, and these delicious empanadas are served with a flavorful chutney to counteract all that tasty dish. Fill it with some pieces of fried egg to perfect the brunch.

From filling

For Christmas dinner, it's always good to cook something different. The blood sausage, when used as the center of a pack of pork tenderloin, makes it a party dish that is best served with rhubarb.

In the stew

The blood sausage is a rich food in combination with lamb, mustard and tasty sauce, all covered with potato slices.

Hot blood sausage salad

This winter recipe uses thick slices of sausage instead of sausages in a warm red cabbage salad, carrots, apples, hazelnuts, and strong apple cider vinegar and honey dressing.

That was all you needed to know about black pudding. If you only want to try traditional or modern dishes in combination with this food, place your order in Spanish gastronomy. We use organic ingredients and authentic techniques to prepare delicious and nutritious foods.