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Event & Werbe GmbH Bad Ischl
VAT number: ATU 45684709
Commercial register number: FN 169871k
Member of the Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce

Tel: +43 6132 27757
Fax: +43 6132 27757 77
Email: [email protected]

These terms and conditions are subject to any use of the services of Event & Werbe GmbH Bad Ischl in the context of ticket sales. The terms and conditions apply in the version valid at the time of the order.

1. General
Event & Werbe GmbH Bad Ischl arranges the tickets for the buyer in the name and for the account of the respective organizer. Claims of any kind in connection with the event are to be addressed exclusively to the respective organizer. Event & Werbe GmbH Bad Ischl is liable for the proper procurement of admission tickets. The liability of Event & Werbe GmbH Bad Ischl for damage to property for which Event & Werbe GmbH Bad Ischl is only slightly at fault is excluded. The data and information on events contained on the website and on mailings serve as preliminary information for those interested in the events. The visitor declares that, on the basis of the information available (website of Event & Werbe GmbH Bad Ischl www.badischl.at, as well as any linked information from the organizer), before purchasing the ticket, he will find out about the location, type of event, youth protection regulations and program has informed the event, time and duration of the event and the event is suitable for its purposes.

2. Order
All orders - whether by telephone, fax or online booking - are binding. A cancellation option or other contractual withdrawal option is expressly not granted. Mandatory legal remedies naturally remain unaffected. Even for consumers, there is no right of withdrawal according to § 18 Paragraph 1 Z 10 FAAG.

3. Payment
Depending on availability, payment is made in cash, by ATM or credit card. The amount charged consists of the price of the admission ticket (s) (including any sales fee), the processing fee and any shipping, deposit or other fees that may be incurred according to the current price list. Each admission ticket is only valid once it has been paid for in full.
Special provisions for online ticket orders: For online orders, payment is only made by valid credit card (Visa, Master Card).
If the name of the buyer and the credit card holder differ, Event & Werbe GmbH Bad Ischl reserves the right to refuse the conclusion of the contract or to cancel the order at its own discretion and without consultation (purchase price will be returned).

4. Delivery / collection, use
You can find details on delivery and collection options at any time at www.badischl.at
Admission tickets are only sent within Austria and by registered post. Event & Werbe GmbH Bad Ischl only accepts liability for the correct sending of letters; admission tickets are in any case at the risk of the customer. Event & Werbe GmbH Bad Ischl therefore assumes no liability for any damage resulting from failure to deliver or incorrect delivery of tickets for which Event & Werbe GmbH Bad Ischl is not responsible.
Visitors are requested not to make print @ home tickets accessible to third parties and to keep them safe. Misuse of access authorizations will be punished. The customer is liable to the organizer that no multiple printouts or copies are made or changes to the access authorization are made. In the case of unauthorized copies, multiple printouts or changes, the buyer can be made liable for the costs incurred. Event & Werbe GmbH Bad Ischl, the organizer or the venue are not responsible for any additional costs or inconvenience caused by this. When entering, the principle of first access applies (the print @ home ticket that is accepted first with its unique identification is the valid one. Subsequent tickets with the same identification are automatically canceled by the entry of the first).

5. House rules of the organizer
By purchasing an admission ticket, the visitor submits to the house rules of the respective venue as well as the instructions of the organizer. At all venues, the admission regulations of the respective venue apply to those arriving late. The admission ticket is invalid without being torn off.

6. Event cancellation / changes, refunds
Event & Werbe GmbH Bad Ischl is only the agent for the admission ticket and is not liable for the reimbursement of admission fees if the event is canceled or canceled. However, she will endeavor to arrange this with the organizer. Any reimbursements will be made exclusively by and through the organizer. In the event of a refund, only the ticket price printed on the ticket will be returned. The incurred sales,
Service, processing, deposit and shipping fees as well as other fees cannot be reimbursed due to the service provided by Event & Werbe GmbH Bad Ischl.
In the event that the organizer has commissioned Event & Werbe GmbH Bad Ischl with the reimbursement of the entrance fees and this provides the corresponding money, the following applies:
The original tickets are to be returned to the office of Event & Werbe GmbH Bad Ischl within two months after the planned event date for reimbursement of the ticket price in person or by registered letter stating name and address as well as the bank details (IBAN and BIC) , Auböckplatz 5, 4820 Bad Ischl. Owners of print @ home tickets received
the respective amount - if this has already been paid - will be refunded without further request to the same means by which you paid for the ticket. The print @ home ticket is canceled during this process.
In the event that the organizer instructs Event & Werbe GmbH Bad Ischl to reimburse the entrance fees, this fact will be published on the homepage of Event & Werbe GmbH Bad Ischl, www.badischl.at. Only then can the original cards be sent to them.
In the event of a cancellation, postponement or any other change to an event, Event & Werbe GmbH Bad Ischl reserves the right to inform those customers who have purchased tickets for this event about this change. This communication is a voluntary service provided by Event & Werbe GmbH Bad Ischl and can be made by post and / or electronically by email or SMS, if the
appropriate contact details are available.
Usual cast and program changes and changes to the announced stage set-up (these include, for example, changes to the cast of theater, concert, musical or opera performances, changes in the program schedule, changes in start times, changes in opening groups for concerts, changes in the schedule for concert performances , etc.) by the organizer or the artists are reserved
and in any case no reason for a reimbursement or a reduction in the ticket price, insofar as these are reasonable, insignificant and objectively justified for the customer. In the event of cancellation, postponement or such changes, no expenses (e.g. travel, hotel) will be reimbursed.

7. Privacy
The data provided by the customer are electronically processed by Event & Werbe GmbH Bad Ischl for the purpose of processing the contract and can be sent to the respective organizer (or advance booking offices) by Event & Werbe GmbH Bad Ischl within the framework of the legal provisions and restrictions of the Data Protection Act 2000 for processing the ticket sales). The customer also agrees that his personal data may be used for marketing purposes in connection with the services of Event & Werbe GmbH Bad Ischl and the events it oversees. The customer's attention is expressly drawn to the fact that this consent can be revoked at any time.

8. Image records
The visitor acknowledges that occasional pictures are taken during events that are subsequently used (television broadcasts, photos, videos, internet, etc.). The visitor gives his express consent that the recordings made by him during or in connection with the event can be evaluated without compensation, without temporal or spatial restrictions, using any current or future technical process, in particular by Event & Werbe GmbH Bad Ischl and / or the organizer and may also be used for commercial purposes, provided that the use does not unduly harm one's personal interests.

The visitors are not entitled to take photos, film, video or other sound / image recordings of events.

9. Volume
The visitor's attention is drawn to the fact that there is a risk of hearing and health damage at events, especially due to the volume. It is therefore advisable, especially for children and people with sensitive hearing, to take appropriate protective measures.

10. Resale
A resale of admission tickets for commercial purposes as well as personalized admission tickets as well as admission tickets for which perks, reductions or discounts have been used, in particular via so-called secondary ticket and auction platforms such as ebay, viagogo or stubhub, is only permitted with the written consent of Bad Ischl Event & Werbe GmbH permitted. If an unauthorized sale is found, the card immediately loses its validity. Event & Werbe GmbH Bad Ischl expressly reserves the right to take further legal steps. Event & Werbe GmbH Bad Ischl reserves the right to reject purchase applications for more than 15 tickets or to approve them only after a separate check.

11. Place of jurisdiction, law
The exclusive place of jurisdiction for corporate customers is the competent court for Bad Ischl, for consumers it is the competent local court.