What it's like to be quick-tempered


Quick-tempered - Reflections and thoughts on a difficult quality. To be quick-tempered is to express one's displeasure in a kind of sudden excitement, angry, angry, and sour. The term quick-tempered has something to do with climate and water: a storm can be quick-tempered and make the water soar. A person who is quick-tempered is energetic, determined and emphatic, but will always get problems because of his behavior, as he is unpredictable for his fellow human beings. Practicing yoga and meditation can help you act calmly, deliberately, and calmly.

Truthfulness is important, even when dealing with someone who is quick-tempered or appears to be.

Quick-tempered is an adjective for quick-tempered. You can find more about this characteristic, including tips on how to deal with effervescence in yourself or others, including video lectures, under the main keyword Effervescence.

Quick-tempered in relation to other qualities

Quick-tempered is an adjective that describes a personality trait, a quality that is often counted among the downsides or even among the vices. The best way to understand a property is to relate it to other properties, to similar properties (synonyms) and opposites (antonyms).

Synonyms quick-tempered - similar properties

Synonyms for the adjective quick-tempered are, for example, angry, angry, angry, energetic, determined, emphatic. And there are synonyms of this quality that are considered positive, e.g. energetic, determined, emphatic.

Opposites of quick-tempered - antonyms

Opposites, i.e. antonyms, of quick-tempered are, for example, calm, serene, deliberate, sympathetic, calculating, insecure, incapable, making themselves small.

The antonyms can also be divided into those with a positive meaning, which stand for virtues, and those with a negative meaning. Opposites to quick-tempered with positive meaning are e.g. calm, serene, considered, well-meaning. One can also say: An important opposite pole or important opposite pole to effervescence is calm, serenity, deliberation, well-meaning.

Opposites, antonyms, which themselves have or can have negative connotations, are, among other things, calculating, insecure, incapable, and making themselves small.

Properties in the alphabet before or after

Here are some traits that come before or after quick-tempered in the alphabet:

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Words related to quick-tempered and quick-tempered

Here are some words related to quick-tempered and quick-tempered.

  • Positive synonyms for effervescence are, for example, being energetic, standing by yourself, rebelling, defending.
  • Positive antonyms are calm, serenity, deliberation, well-meaning.
  • Negative antonyms are making yourself small Insecurity, inability, ignorance
  • A related verb is flare-up, a noun agent is flare-up

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