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The next steps as an entrepreneur

Congratulations! You have written your business plan, procured the necessary capital, registered the company and created all the other requirements for starting the company.

As the following graphic shows, the phase of implementing the goals and strategy set out in the business plan is now on the agenda. In the period that followed, many entrepreneurs had the opportunity to achieve new growth - but often the first signs of an initial corporate crisis also emerged. In the following chapters we want to give you assistance and further tips for the essential phases after the foundation.

Implement the business plan

Take steps to achieve the goals in your business plan. The main element is customer acquisition, but you also have to keep an eye on finances at all times. Implement your business plan consistently.

Marketing at the center of customer acquisition

Customer acquisition is the be-all and end-all for the self-employed and companies. However, the variety of acquisition methods and advertising opportunities needs to be well surveyed. Every marketing measure costs money and should be planned efficiently. Check the different channels and develop a coherent marketing concept. We have broken down the multitude of marketing channels as follows:

So that you can also pour your marketing concept into numbers, we have developed a tool for determining the advertising budget.

Calculate your advertising budget

PR tips: this is how you put your company in the right light

PR or public relations particularly includes communication with journalists and the press. As a young company, you can of course particularly benefit from media coverage. But good press work is primarily based on personal contacts, patience and continuity. We give you various PR tips, starting with how to write a press release or using social networks to interesting storytelling.

Accounting for your company: tasks and scope

You have to comply with extensive formalities in your company management in accounting. Of course, you don't have to do the bookkeeping yourself, you have to delegate it to a tax advisor, for example. Nevertheless, you should get an overview of the topics of financial accounting, payroll accounting, accounts receivable and accounts payable as well as annual financial statements and tax returns: the accounting at a glance.

This is how you can benefit from e-commerce

For many companies, sales over the Internet have become indispensable. We have created an overview of the topic for you. This involves the questions of which shop system can be used, which payment methods are recommended and how to create the terms and conditions for the online shop.

The first corporate crisis

A crisis can have various causes. Difficulties are not uncommon at all and can be overcome. It is important not to close your eyes, but to act consistently. We give you tips on how to recognize and avoid the corporate crisis. It may be worth contacting a management consultancy and seeking outside help.

When the crisis leads to bankruptcy

Even if you take measures at an early stage to counteract the corporate crisis, it is sometimes not enough. If insolvency is foreseeable, bankruptcy must be filed. We have compiled the causes and reasons for bankruptcy for you. We also show how the insolvency procedure works and which tasks the insolvency administrator takes on.

Aim for new growth

You want to expand your company, there are new opportunities for your products, new markets can be opened up. A change of the legal form is also often up for debate. You can find out what needs to be taken into account in the next growth phase under Growth.

Author: Für-Gründer.de editors

As editor-in-chief, René Klein has been responsible for the content of the portal and all publications by Für-Gründer.de for over 10 years. He is a regular interlocutor in other media and writes numerous external specialist articles on start-up topics. Before his time as editor-in-chief and co-founder of Für-Gründer.de, he advised listed companies in the field of financial market communication.