How do you reconcile ambitions with reality

Türk Gücü Friedberg's dream became a reality

Hessenliga: ascent 30 years after it was founded

Trainer Mustafa Fil celebrates with Alit Usic. Photo: Steffen Turban

30 years after the association was founded in 1988, a dream has become a reality for Türk Gücü Friedberg. For the first time, a club of Turkish origin in the Hessen league is the district townspeople.

Until 2012, the club led a shadowy existence in the Friedberg soccer district and until then had no ambitions to make the leap into higher-class soccer. That changed after the first championship in the district Oberliga Friedberg and the associated promotion to the group league Frankfurt West. Also in 2012/13 the Friedberg Turks could not be stopped and became champions again. By marching through, the club landed in the Association League South for the first time in the summer of 2013. While the Friedberger were able to keep the class in eleventh place in the first year, the league proved to be a size too big in the following season and the club had to return to the group league in the summer of 2015.

In 2015 there was also a change of venue, as Türk Gücü had previously played on the non-fenced sports facility in Friedberg-Ossenheim, whose grass pitch hardly differed from a beet field, especially in autumn and winter. The changing rooms were a few hundred meters from the sports field. Since the club was not assigned any other sports facility by the city of Friedberg, the club's management decided to move to Ober-Rosbach.

The Friedbergers have now found a new home on the Eisenkrain sports field with a grass and artificial turf pitch. After the setback at that time, the club with club boss Ramazan Kaplan and the new sporting management under Gökhan Satir and managing director Sinan Karanfil undertook a show of strength in order to achieve direct recovery. This succeeded in 2015/16 with the group league championship in front of Usinger TSG. In the balanced Verbandsliga Süd, TGF was in acute danger of relegation in 2016/17, which was banned by the new coaching team Mustafa Fil and Gültekin Cagritekin.

"We had already put together a very good team in the first year after being promoted and many predicted that we would march through. You could see how quickly it can happen that you are in the bottom. Since the coaching team was brought in, the development has been very positive. They do a very good job. We try to do everything possible on the part of the board and the gaming committee so that they have a powerful team, "says Satir, recapitulating the development.

"Hessenliga a mammoth task"

At the end of the last season, wish and reality had to be reconciled. The Friedbergers became runner-up and secured promotion in the last round of promotion in front of the great crowd of 1700 spectators with a 2-1 win against FSV Fernwald. "At 30, the club is generally still very young. The Hessenliga will be a mammoth task. The environment will improve little by little. We have already been well organized. Apart from the few long trips away, I don't see that as a problem," notes Gökhan Satir on the topic of organization in the Hessenliga.

In terms of sport, the goal for the premiere season is clearly defined, also due to the extensive personnel changes: "We want to stay in the Hessenliga. It's a great adventure for the whole club," says Satir.

Can the Friedbergers also establish themselves? "We have to wait and see. The euphoria is very high at the moment. There will be setbacks and difficult times. We have to continue to work well together and then we can keep the league," added the sporting director. The Friedberger rely on young players. In addition to Younes Bahssou (Borussia Fulda) and Sebastian Bartel (TSV Lehnerz), there were a number of talents from U19 teams in the Rhine-Main region.

"The youth is the future. If they stay patient and keep up with them, they have the potential to play in this league," says Satir. "We don't need to say much about Bahssou and Bartel. They are seasoned people, they are supposed to help the young players. But we also have players with a lot of experience in Florian Decise and Jonatan Tesfaldet. It's the mix that makes it. Whether the mix is ​​good , we'll see at the end of the season ", so the closing words of Satir.