Should we really trust telepathic communication

What would be nicer than to feel the soul dog once in your life or to understand what he wants to say to me. Allegedly, many people can do this and more and more often one comes across the subject of "telepathic animal communication". I once dared to tackle the topic and now I have had a really exciting weekend. I was at a weekend seminar on "Telepathic Animal Communication" and I'm still fascinated by it today. What I learned at the seminar, which events I found incredible and my thoughts on the subject, I would like to share with you today.

How I got into animal communication ...

Ultimately, my animal physiotherapist brought me up to date. She told me about her own experiences with animal communication and I was immediately fascinated. How wonderful it would be if you understand what animals want to "say" or what they really feel or what hurts them. And if that also helps to heal! Madness! But also to suddenly receive answers that you would otherwise never get. Incredible, but apparently many people can. I have to learn that too, was my first impulse!

What is animal communication anyway?

The basis of animal communication is telepathy. Telepathy is not unknown to us humans and simply means “feeling at a distance”. Unfortunately, you cannot see or hear them and for us rationally thinking people it is unfortunately still a bit "abnormal" and strange.

This fact alone is actually strange, because it is an innate ability of all beings on mother earth. Not only do animals often communicate this way, but humans too have this ability. As Monika Jäger (authorized consultant and lecturer in animal communication) describes it well, it is so that unfortunately we are taught in the course of our childhood that this ability is pure fantasy.

How often do you hear children talking to animals? They are convinced that they understand what the animal is saying. Why not? Maybe children can actually talk to animals via telepathy and we adults prepare them for civilization with realism and thus everything is forgotten again.

Another example from everyday life. Who doesn't know this situation too ... You think of mom and she calls right at this moment. Or “when one speaks of the devil” is also a type of telepathy - feeling at a distance.

Telepathic communication with animals is therefore nothing more than a sensitization of the senses, a consciously made receiving and sending of feelings, thoughts, images, words, physical sensibilities. Quote: Monika Jäger

My first experiences with animal communication - the basic seminar

I am generally a very curious person. But when it comes to animals, I have to try out the knowledge right away. So I didn't have to think twice and, whoosh, I've already registered for a basic seminar with Monika Jäger.

Monika Jäger is a very fascinating woman. Many years ago she brought animal communication with Penelope Smith (America's most famous animal communicator) to Germany and I am convinced that she can make contact with animals. It can describe your animal down to the smallest detail, not only in terms of character but also in terms of appearance and the favorite place in the house without ever having seen the animal! She doesn't even need a picture of the animal to make contact. She masters her craft down to the smallest detail. And on the weekend I was able to get to know her and learn her gift of animal communication in the first steps.

The seminar took place in a private house in the winter garden. The house immediately felt like my own home when I walked in. You felt incredibly comfortable and welcome. In a small group of 10 participants, we then started the seminar “Basic telepathic animal communication”. At first you might think that in such a seminar room there are only incense sticks and cushions instead of chairs. But this was not the case. We were in a very spiritual house, but by no means excessive or uncomfortable.

The participants were all incredibly different. From farmers to bankers and social workers, everything was there. So the topic is not only of interest to the yoga teachers among us 🙂 And you may not believe it, but a man was there too 😉

Right at the beginning you should find yourself together in two pairs. In retrospect, it was really fascinating how well these couples fit together. Personally, I felt like I found my lid straight away. My partner and I immediately felt understood, laughed a lot and felt the same warmth of heart for our animals. Energies attract each other 🙂

What do you learn in such a seminar?

We learned different techniques of "telepathy" and "meditation". I don't want to go into the individual exercises now, that would go too far. But I would like to briefly list my basic points for the first steps in communicating with animals:

  • Be at peace with yourself. Because only those who understand and know themselves can empathize with others. When you are busy enough with yourself, it is difficult to get involved with others.
  • To be able to listen. If you really listen to one person without comment or distraction, the other person's opinion cannot be falsified either. Something like “Yes, that's the same with us” suggests a comparison and brings an evaluation back into the conversation.
  • Believe and trust in yourself. That is also one of the most important points. Because if you don't trust yourself what you're experiencing, you can't expand it.
  • Animal communication is like riding a bike. You have to learn it first and then practice, practice, practice ...

You can read up on the techniques in various books if you want to try them out. But I would recommend the following book, which I read myself before the seminar. Conversations with animals: Animal communication practice book (Penelope Smith)


Did it really work to make contact with an animal?

In all honesty, I can only answer this question with “I don't know”. There were many situations that were very, very precise without knowing anything about the animal beforehand.

For example, it was the case with me when I was asked to empathize with my partner's animal. The only information I had was

  • a picture on the phone
  • age
  • the name
  • the race

that's it. I started the exercise and tried to "contact" the dog. Think of it like a meditation exercise. You try to breathe calmly, keep your eyes closed and picture the animal in your mind. You greet the animal and try to reach the animal with various techniques. I got reactions like that very quickly

  • a warm feeling in the chest,
  • then there was pressure or pain at shoulder level in the spine but more on the right side
  • I could see an apartment without stairs
  • and a water bowl that reflected.

After a while you say goodbye to the animal and open your eyes. I told my partner about my experiences. I have to say, except for the pain in the spine, all other impressions were very weak. But I felt the pain very clearly.

Result was:

  • I had found the warming feeling to be "comfortable". The dog seems to feel very comfortable with his mistress, one can interpret from this. But well, you can do that without "telepathy". That's not yet a point where I would say it will work.
  • At the point of pain it was different and very spooky. My partner said that her dog (who is 1 1/2 years old) actually has shoulder problems. I knew the dog was just so young, so no one could have interpreted that he had problems with his joints or bones. That was a very, very big coincidence!
  • The point about the apartment was probably just a coincidence.
  • The one with the water bowl was also interesting. She said that her dog didn't go to the water from one day to the next. But she didn't know why. It had a very light bowl that might actually have reflected something. Now she has a dark one and her dog is drinking normally again. Good thing that can also be labeled a coincidence in my opinion.

My conclusion on animal communication

Yes, my conclusion ... I find it incredibly difficult to grasp the topic. The more I have tried to come into contact with animals, the greater my doubts that I can do that. Sometimes it worked very clearly or accidentally, but to be honest, I can't tell whether it was fantasy or telepathy ... This probably has to do with a lot of practice again.

The experience of dealing so intensely with oneself and with other people and especially with animals was really great. You just felt understood and that is unfortunately not often the case in everyday life.

Is it possible to have contact with animals?

I would say that a lot of people can. Using Monika Jäger as an example, it is simply too often how these “coincidences” actually apply. And to be honest, if a conversation with an animal leads to the healing of an illness, a blockage or the like, it doesn't really matter what is behind it.

I believe that at the point of "self-doubt" I will fail. I just don't believe in it enough and trust my senses too little that it could really be right. I will nevertheless try to keep “meditating” and from time to time I will continue to seek contact with my partner with her animal and she with mine.

These exercises let the body and mind simply go to zero and this is a wonderful tool for everyday life.


I tried to keep my thoughts short, but I didn't quite manage it 🙂 I would be interested to know if you have already had experiences? Have you ever taken part in a seminar or hired a consultant? Do you know situations in which you have "coincidences" like thought transference? Just tell me everything!

I'm curious!

best regards

Tine & Bliss



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