Why don't hypnotists get rich


Hypnosis has nothing to do with magic, nothing to do with unconsciousness and nothing to do with lack of will. hypnosis is not sleep either. you will not do or say anything under hypnosis that you would not do or say while awake.

Hypnosis is a specifically initiated and deepened state of trance in which your attention is directed to your inner experience. While the outside world hardly plays a role anymore and you are in a wonderful, relaxed physical state, in the trance it is possible to communicate directly with your subconscious via inner images, feelings, memories or suggestions. Your own goals can be reached faster and more easily, various problems can be overcome more easily and other good and meaningful changes can be integrated into your life. you only need consciously the will and the willingness to change, everything else is taken care of by your subconscious.

what are possible areas of application for hypnosis?

support in weight reduction

support with smoking cessation

find inner peace and relaxation

coping with stress / burnout prevention

Overcome stage fright

Combat exam anxiety

strengthening self-esteem and self-confidence

sleep improvement

overcoming blockages

increase in motivation and energy

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Hypnosis is not suitable for people with intellectual disabilities, epileptics, thrombosis patients, psychoses, depression and personality disorders, severe cardiovascular diseases or diseases of the central nervous system as well as recent heart attacks or strokes.