Is it okay to feel okay?

With less we feel freer

Are people who shop sustainably happier than people who don't buy sustainable products?

You might think that after all, sustainable goods might give you a better feeling, with which you can then go on shopping. However, the assumption turns out to be wrong, researchers from the University of Arizona discovered. Almost 1,000 test subjects completed questionnaires over the course of five years.
The questions asked were how materialistic they were, how they dealt with money, whether they bought sustainably and what was the situation for their well-being and satisfaction.

Buying does not make you happy, and that also applies to sustainable goods, the study showed.

People who consciously bought less felt a lot better.

"Things are beautiful, but also a burden," says researcher Sabrina Helm.

“You have to take care of them, tidy them up, clean them up. when you get rid of this burden and the role of owner, you feel better and freer. "

"But," adds Helm: "It may also be that happy people are less inclined to consume."

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Tip: Don't buy, save!

Would you also like to buy less?

Every time you feel the urge to buy, put aside the money you wanted to spend on things for a month.

Use this money to pay off debts or do something nice with loved ones.

That guarantees a better feeling!

Consumption can make you happy

... if he is well considered,

... when things are useful afterwards and don't get in the way, get dusty or lie around.

Consumption can also make you happy if I make someone else happy with it.

Consumption makes you unhappy when

... it serves as a substitute satisfaction,

... you do random online shopping in lonely hours,

... he is supposed to plug a hole inside, but instead only fill the cupboards.

When you buy things to please others, to keep up appearances, things get difficult.

So it is not a question of only buying sustainably, it is better to forego buying completely if it is unnecessary! Because with less we feel freer!

New earrings

During my summer vacation, an earring fell on the floor that I couldn't find again. Too bad because the earring was perfect for me. Plain and light. Light earrings are a must for me because I don't like the earlobe hanging because the earring is too heavy.

Without earrings I almost feel a bit naked and so I looked for a nice replacement pair on every tour through one of the Dutch towns. I found what I was looking for in a very fine little shop - handmade by the woman who sold it to me. Much more expensive than I would have been willing to pay in Germany, and yet worth every euro.

I was worth it in the moment.

I am convinced that happy people are less likely to consume.

And that they especially appreciate what they buy.

With less we feel freer - or how do you see it?

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