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Believe in yourself: 9 steps to success

Have you ever wondered why some people are more successful than others? Is it due to determination, discipline or calm? Sure, all of these Strengths of Character are important, but there is one quality that unites them all and from which they all grow: the Believe in yourself. You can be beautiful and smart, athletic and inventive - but without believing in yourself, you will not be able to make full use of these qualities. People with strong belief in yourself we all know. Take a look around - on TV, on the web, on the radio: It is people who are successful, who are talked about and who are admired. These nine steps will lead you to a stronger belief in yourself and thus to success ...

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Believe in yourself: what does it mean?

Belief in oneself is the mother earth from which the Tree of success grows - as in private life, so in work. Belief is closely related to qualities, such as Self-assessment and Self esteem connected, the foundations of which are laid in childhood.

Let's take an example - termination. Many workers try to avoid them. You keep doing the job that has been going on for years not changed and who may have it no longer satisfied.

Just the thought of getting fired makes discouraging questions buzz through my head: Will I find a new job then? Do i get more money? What if I can't cope with the requirements? What if I don't fit in with the team?

It is precisely these thoughts that keep them from developing further, new ways to go. But strong belief in yourself means taking risks, discovering opportunities for yourself in order to improve your life.

Common signs of weak self-belief

There are three clear signs of weak belief in yourself:

  • Doubts about your own abilities.

    When people with poor confidence in their own abilities are confronted with new and complicated tasks, they either approach them hesitantly or avoid them entirely. So arise failurewho discourage them (I can not do this!), and imagining your own inability is reinforced even more. A downward spiral develops that is becoming increasingly difficult to break.

  • Desire for popularity.

    Weak belief in yourself leads to a need for Inconspicuousness. Instead of expressing criticism openly or standing out from the crowd, these people prefer to stick to the background and avoid attracting attention or receiving rejection. This makes them more or less invisible, but their abilities remain hidden and they are often underestimated or even considered incompetent.

  • Permanent confirmation.

    This need is expressed both at work and in private life and can become one for partner, family and colleagues great burden develop by constantly needing and seeking confirmation. For example, these people cannot believe that their own partner loves them - so they have to constantly prove it. Even the step into a relationship is difficult for those affected. For them, entering into a partnership means at the same time that one could be rejected and abandoned. So a permanent and growing one is formed Stress factorwhich in turn leads to great dissatisfaction in the relationship.

Believe in You: 9 Steps to Stronger Faith.

Strong belief in oneself arises from success, which in turn is encouraged by believing in one's own abilities. If you strengthen self-belief, success will come. But that has nothing to do with blunt Chakka rhetoric. To get to that desired destination To get there and to be successful, you have to work on yourself and your surroundings. These 9 steps can help you:

  1. Make a list of your achievements

    Are you ready to lay your head on the table and give up everything? Make a list of your successes, make them visible. Certainly there has been in your life difficult situationsyou have mastered - battles made up of you as a winner emerged that you are proud of. This list is a good psychological motivator that will bring back belief in your own strength and in yourself.

  2. Gather people who believe in you

    If the first fiddle in your life is played by people who have only criticism and doubt for you, then it is no surprise that you cannot soar. Avoid You these people or reduce You're dealing to a minimum. Better look for like-minded people; People with similar values ​​and interests who support you and promote your development. So your belief in yourself will grow.

  3. Accept yourself

    To believe in yourself, you have to accept yourself for who you are. And by the way, that's exactly right and good! How can you believe in something that you don't fully accept? There is no other way to have a stronger belief in your abilities than to love yourself fully, with all good and bad qualities.

  4. Change the perspective

    Leave behind the thoughts of imperfection and injustice. Instead, focus on interesting and good things, thank fate for it. Before complaining about difficulties, better seek a spark of good in every situation. As they say: If fate gives you lemons, make lemonade out of them!

  5. Take small steps

    Maybe you just have a longer one dark phase of lifein which there are only difficulties. In that case, you should small steps dare: First, set yourself a small, achievable goal. When you get there, a next small step will be taken - and so on. So you will slowly but surely reach your goal. After all, where there is shadow, there must also be light.

  6. Know yourself

    Francis Bacon said: "Knowledge is power. If you are not dealing with a particular problem, analyze all the facts that can help solve it - including yourself. Because when the problem is yours, there is the most that you can do about it. For example, start reading guides, attending seminars or practical exercises to strengthen self-confidence. The better you know and learn about yourself, the more peace and security will come into your life.

  7. Live your own goals

    Make a Inventory the goals you want to achieve in life in the next year, in the next five years, or in general. Assess each of these goals: is it actually your goal, or is it a picture from a magazine that stuck in your mind? Do you really want it or is it related to your partner, manager or colleague? Perhaps you would rather lock yourself up in the office and write a program or a novel instead of a trip to the rainforest? Belief in yourself begins with honesty to yourself - but also with the life of your own life. You cannot lead a life in which you only fulfill other people's wishes AND remain true to yourself at the same time.

  8. Do not compare yourself to others

    Stop comparing yourself to the looks, skills, or wealth, or incomes of others. Everyone has one own way and own achievements. Don't waste your life Race to graduate with others, otherwise you will spend them in the skin of a racehorse driven by the whip of vanity and the spurs of ambition.

  9. Dedicate yourself to volunteer work

    We don't want to see it or we like to overlook it: In every successful society there are people who Your help need. These can be children with no parents, homeless people, retirees in your home, or a simple blood donation. Give someone joy - nothing improves self-confidence and self-esteem like the feeling of being needed and used. Volunteering and volunteer work Not only will you help others solve problems, but you will also gain a steady sense of self-worth.

Everyone needs faith in themselves. He is like a guiding star. It helps you to go your own way without turning around for malicious voices or off course in a jumble wrong goals to come off.

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