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Know God as Heavenly Father

An encouragement from Joyce Meyer | Reading time: 3 minutes

Do you expect more from life? Well, you're not alone in this: Many people are frustrated because they don't know where to satisfy their agonizing longing for more. I had been a Christian for years before I finally found that only God can bring true and constant satisfaction and fulfillment. King David summed it up like this: Everything he wanted for the rest of his life was more from God.

The more you invest in your relationship with God, the more He does in you, for you and through you.

Psalm 27: 4 (GN) says:

I have only one request to the Lord, that is my heart's desire: I want to stay in his house all my life to see his kindness and admire his temple.

The Bible: Psalm 27: 4

It's not about religion, it's about a relationship with God. Many Christians go to church services, observe Christian rules of conduct and, in their eyes, lead a Christian life. But inside they ask themselves: Is that really all?

For many years my life as a Christian has been mostly about serving God. In my heart, however, I knew that I was missing something, even if I couldn't quite tell what it was. Although God had done many wonderful things for me, my life made me dissatisfied. And so I did not live any differently than the people around me who were not Christians. I wanted change. But somehow I was powerless to bring this change on the way.

Finally, I asked God to give me what I missed and what I missed so much. And he answered me! I realized: In order to enjoy life, I had to get to know God in his essence and spend time with him.

We all have the same starting position when we begin to live with God. But the longer we go with him, the better we want to get to know him. One thing became clear to me: the more I invest in my relationship with him, the more he does in me, for me and through me.

My husband, Dave, and I are just ordinary people. If God can use us, He can use everyone and do amazing things to honor and help others. God's presence in our lives is the key to this, because his being and his actions change everything. People don't come to my conferences to see a television star. They come because God himself is there to give them what they need.

God wants to be close to us

God wants to enter into an intimate relationship with us. And through Jesus this deep, intimate and personal relationship with him is possible. We can then through his spirit, which works in us, become the person he wants to make of us. Yes, we can implement his plan and purpose for our lives.

When God is with us, He strengthens and empowers us so that we can do all that needs to be done. Even in difficult times he helps us through his grace - as long as we keep close to him. He has promised to answer us when we call to him, in such a way that we can understand him. In Isaiah 30:21 (GN) we read:

If you want to turn right or left, you will hear a voice behind you saying to you: "This is the path that you should follow!"

The Bible: Isaiah 30:21

God not only longs to help us, but he also wants to help others through us. That is why he strategically distributed his children all over the world. Even as the darkness of this world increases, his glory shines over those who belong to him. And these will help the lost find their way.

Nothing else matters

We will never be completely satisfied when we try to fill the void in us with experiences or possessions. Our inner satisfaction comes only from God. We need the presence of God in our life.

The world we live in can really scare us at times. Often we find ourselves in difficult life situations, but God is there to help us. If we start to rely on him and expect help from him, we will find him and with him the peace he gives.

In Philippians 4,7 (GN) it says:

Then the peace of God, which far exceeds all human understanding, will keep your thinking and willing in the good, safe in communion with Jesus Christ.

The Bible: Philippians 4: 7

Be very close to God

In the Bible we read that we - and not God - determine how intimate our relationship with him is. He invites us to get very close to him. How wonderful it is to know. In Hebrews 4:16 (GN) we are encouraged to do just that:

That is why we want to stand before the throne of our gracious God with confidence. There we will always find love and compassion when we need help.

The Bible: Hebrews 4:16

Trust that God loves you for who you are and where you are. Then you can approach him with no fear and full of confidence. Each of us decides for ourselves how close we are to God. Therefore the question to you: How close are you to God?

From: Joyce Meyer Magazin March 2016

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