Why are you a hero

Are you a hero

We live in a time when the word "hero" sounds almost like from another time.

Heroes used to exist.

Most of the time we have pictures in front of our eyes of people in armor - or with bows and arrows.

People who stand up for your values, are loyal and have integrity. No matter what the circumstances may be.

Real heroes always follow your heart.

Fallen heroes

We hear about it in the media.

About people who fell on their faces with something.

People who were brave enough to try something new. The (In the first step!!) however, it was unsuccessful.

They create a raison d'être for the clever theorists, smart asses and nagging noses who then meet on the television shows. And debating for hours about why that could never have worked anyway.

Especially not in this day and age.
And how one can be so naive (hahaha)

But that's another topic ...

Because today we speak of heroes.
From real heroes.

Heroes are everywhere!

If I look around today, I see heroes everywhere.

Of course, none of these heroes are "perfect".
They are very human heroes.

But these heroes move really something.

And it doesn't matter ...

... whether you are just starting a new business
... write your first novel
… Raise a child
... you are charitable
... get up again and again when you fall

Or ...

... take care of your family
... believe in your dreams
... are really there for your customers
... take care of your parents
... make people smile
... believe in your business - despite all the obstacles
... learn to open your heart more and more ...

I see so many people doing real heroism every day. And before you read the article to the end, let this take effect. All of these things are heroics.

Every smile you give away, every time you decide to open your heart instead of letting fear win. Every time you touch another person.

It is a feat.

Or to put it with the Fantastic 4:

We need everyday heroes to be.
Want to be ready at all times, scout style.
We demand eggs for everyone - and all for one.

What exactly makes you a hero?

Because you can still be a real hero today. And you don't even need armor for it.

Although of course they are also totally chiccan be …

Becoming a hero is actually very easy.

All you need to do is follow the 2 steps below.

That's all. It's really easy.

On the one hand.

Because one thing is very important to be a hero: keep your focus and don't get distracted.

Allrighty, here comes the ultimate formula for heroes!

Step 1: do what to do

No matter what (no matter what!).

Do what you have to do. And there is also no way "around it".

You have to be there and do whatever is your thing.

You have to DO this.

DO the things that really make the difference.

Really that … Danger! Doing work.

And you have to stay tuned.
Day after day. Month for month. And year after year.

And yes, that also means that you have to turn off the telly. Turn off Facebook - close your email program - to really DO what needs to be done.

Focused. Really work.Do your job.

No matter what happens.
DO what needs to be done.

That's not always easy. And there are no shortcuts.

And if you see someone who looks easy on, then you've just missed how they got used to the discipline beforehand.

Long training is behind every skill.

Ask musicians, ask athletes.

Anything that looks so effortless is the result of training.

From DO. Day after day. Always on. TO DO.

Step 2: grow as a personality

That is not always easy either.

So often our cherished habits get in the way.

"Stay in your comfort zone. At least you are safe here and know what's going on."

But you have to grow. Become a bigger vessel.

If you are a 0.1 liter jar, then there is only limited space for love, luck, money or fun. Namely 0.1 liters.

Even if life gives you more, you will not be able to accept it because it keeps flowing out of the top.

You have to grow. Become a bigger vessel. So that more of the good things fit into you. And you really have these good things in your life experience can.

And to do this, you have to leave your comfort zone.

We all have our fears and doubts.

We all know that little voice in our head that says "You can't do that ... you are too ... näg näg näg"

We can't let that voice stop us!

Little experiment

Take that inner voice that criticizes you and put it in your big left toe.

Just do it!

Let the voice of down there talk.

And if you feel like it, give her a funny voice.
Maybe Duffy Duck's?
Or from New Year's Eve the hangover?

Just do it now.

let the content equal to the voice. Just change that placewhere she comes from and the voiceshe speaks to.

That can change a lot.

That makes it a lot easier for you to do what needs to be done.

This makes it easier for you to leave your comfort zone and embark on a new adventure.

To do new things. To break new ground for you. To discover how many wonderful gifts life still has for you!

Because that's a lot!

All growth takes place outside of your comfort zone.

So you can't be a hero if you stay in the soooooo comfortable comfort zone.

See also this handmade graphic of the comfort zone

to become heroes outside made of comfort zone.

A little secret ...

There is an abbreviation.

There is a way you can get where you want to go faster:

Increase your energy.

This is the adjusting screw with which you can influence your results the most. Because your energy is the multiplier for everything you do.

It's like turning on the turbo and multiplying all the good things you do.

The Is the abbreviation!

It is really that easy!

Do what is to be done. No matter what the circumstances are.
Do your job.
Increase your energy.
Become a bigger "vessel".

If you do that, a little more every day, then you are a hero.

A real hero.

Who cannot be stopped by "circumstances" or "doubts".

He does what he believes in his heart.

No matter whether there are doubting voices.
No matter whether he doubts himself.

You just do what needs to be done.
And you do it today.

You follow your heart.

Training for real heroes

The changenow energy quickies is a training only for real heroes.

Because we don't babble around - and also blame "the others".

We take responsibility for our lives and DO what needs to be done. We increase our energy and can thus bring more into the world what is in our heart.

To do this, we go through a 30-day transformation together.

And you get the best changenow tools with which you can take your energy to the next level much faster and easier.

You know the acronym ...

If you are curious about this hero training, then just have a look at it here.


"Be a hero!"


P.S.:Look in the mirror and see it
Hero who looks you in the eye ...