New media trends 2013

Media trends 2013

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The accounting firm Deloitte publishes a global study announcing the global digital challenges.
As has been the case every year for twelve years, Deloitte publishes its forecasts in the areas of technology, media and telecommunications (TMT). Based on interviews, testimonials from customers and former Deloitte members, CEOs and industry analysts, the study lists 12 trends, including 8 media outlets that should mark 2013.
1. The conventional PC is not dead
Over 80% of the data distributed on the Internet is still generated by conventional PCs. More than 70% of the time (PC, smartphone, tablet) is spent on a PC.
2. Corporate social networks, a new tool that is little used
By the end of 2013, 90% of Fortune 500 companies will have partially or fully established a corporate social network (+ 70% compared to 2011). But between 20 and 30% of employees will not register.
3. 4K high definition television screens
In 2013, these new generation (4K) high definition televisions were to be born, with a resolution four times higher than that of the most efficient conventional HD televisions. A turning point for all actors (producers and broadcasters, television manufacturers) given the investment required.
4. Connected TV, a sales boom separate from uses
Tens of millions of connected TVs will be sold worldwide in 2013, and the installed base of TVs with built-in connectivity is expected to exceed 100 million. However, only 15% of purchases are motivated by built-in connectivity.
5. A key year for 4G adoption
By the end of 2013, more than 200 operators in 75 countries will have set up a 4G network. This network, first made available in the US, should have more than 200 million subscribers worldwide, 17 times more than two years ago. By the end of 2, almost 300 4G devices (smartphones, tablets and security keys) should be available.
6. One billion smartphones are sold for basic use
In 2013, the number of smartphones marketed worldwide will exceed one billion units, and the total fleet will approach 2 billion by the end of the year.
7. Unlimited number of uses
In 2013, between 50 and 100 mobile network operators will offer all-you-can-eat services with unrestricted access to a limited number of mobile applications.
8. Mobile advertising is dead, long live tablet and smartphone advertising
Tablets are expected to generate approximately $ 4.9 million in advertising revenue in 2013 and smartphones near $ 3.4 million. Advertising on tablets should see stronger growth with a 50-55% increase in 2014 versus 30-35% for smartphones.