What are the best waterproof mascaras

One can certainly argue about primers and highlighter, but mascara is without a doubt one of the most important make-up products for most women. And has been for a very, very long time. As early as the fourth century BC A paste of charcoal, honey and - actually - crocodile excrement is said to have accentuated the eyelashes and lids. Not only for jewelry, but also to protect yourself from evil spirits. Perfumer Eugène Rimmel invented the first solid mascara much later in the 19th century: a black block that you had to rub on with a damp brush. The first liquid mascara was available to buy from 1915. However, it only consisted of Vaseline and various oils that were supposed to give the eyelashes shine. Color was only added around ten years later.

Today the repertoire of mascaras is almost all-encompassing: They give the eyelashes color, separate them neatly, make them appear voluminous and longer. Sometimes it's just about durability. Some smear the day and take care of so-called panda eyes, others blur when wind, joy or sadness bring tears to our eyes. Want to prevent waterproof and water-resistant mascaras that contain more fat-soluble ingredients or additional waxes that cover the water-soluble substances and cover them protectively.

But these mascaras with a kind of umbrella effect for the fine hairs also have their pitfalls: For some products you need a special, oily make-up remover to remove make-up, others are heavy on the eyelashes, clump together, and contain questionable ingredients or disappoint in their promise to be smudge-proof and smudge-proof. That is why make-up artist Daniela M. Weise tested nine waterproof and water-resistant mascaras for us. First of all: Waterproof mascaras may be able to withstand water, but they have no chance against sweat and oil.