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What does the fish sticker on cars mean?

We normally see fish in the water, but from time to time you can see them as symbols on cars. But what does the fish mean, and who came up with this meaning? To find out more, we have to travel back about 2000 years:

The fish symbol has its origin in early Christianity. Christians believe that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died on the cross for the people and rose again. For this belief the Christians were persecuted at the beginning of Christianity about 2000 years ago. At that time the Romans were in charge, and they believed not in just one but in many gods. That is why they forbade Christians to practice their religion. But the Christians secretly kept their faith. But the Romans weren't allowed to notice. In order to be able to recognize one another as Christians, the Christians came up with a symbol: the fish.

But why was the fish, of all things, used as a secret sign? There are various theories on this. We'll tell you the most famous. In Greek it means fish ICHTHYS. It was written that way with Greek letters: ΙΧΘΥΣ and for the Christians this word had a very special quality: for them each of the five Greek letters stood for a word that had something to do with Jesus Christ:

The "Ι" stood for the ancient Greek word lesous, which stood for Jesus. The "Χ" - the Greek letter Chi - stands for Christus. The "Θ " - the Greek letter Thita - stands for Theou what god means. "Υ" stands for Yios which means son and the "Σ "- the greek Sigma - stands for S.oter, which stands for Redeemer. In short: Jesus Christ God's Son and Savior. This made the fish a secret code among Christians.

This old story of fish and its meaning was forgotten at some point. The most famous identification mark of Christians was the cross. But not so long ago, in the 1970s, Christians remembered the fish again and since then have used it more often as a symbol for their religion. And it is almost the same today as it was then: Many people do not know what the fish means, but Christians recognize one another by it.