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You have just finished taming the mountains of laundry and want to put the individual items of clothing on top of them nursery to distribute. But before you enter the realm of your little bullies, you risk a secret peek through the crack in the door. Both siblings play peacefully in the big one. They lie face down on the street carpet and make a fire truck drive through the area with a loud siren. You step back quietly. You can enjoy the calm before the storm a little longer. Find out here how you can turn your children's room into a child-friendly and beautiful place where they like to hang out.

Table of Contents

The first own room: furnishing for the baby room
A play paradise: rooms for toddlers
Already really big: furniture for elementary school children
The exciting change: from the children's room to the youth room
Child-friendly furniture: an overview of the materials
With these ten tips for a beautiful and safe children's room
Conclusion: design age-appropriate children's rooms

The first own room: furnishing for the baby room

Babies are usually close to their parents most of the time. Nevertheless, it makes sense to have your own baby room, because here you can put your little darling down for an afternoon nap or simply freshen up. A baby bed fits into a baby's room and you can equip it with a baby blanket or sleeping bag. That too Favorite cuddly toy or a music box you put in here.

A changing table is useful so that you can change and wash your child comfortably. There is also space for diapers and other utensils. Newborns in particular quickly get chilly when changing diapers - a suitable changing table radiant heater can help here. A practical children's wardrobe rounds off a complete baby room.

Tip: Often the wardrobe lasts up to elementary school age, so it is a long-term purchase.

A play paradise: rooms for toddlers

Time goes by quickly and your child is already taking the first steps in their own room. Now it is time to replace the crib with a bed without this safety device. If you have planned in advance, then you have previously decided on a cot that you can convert into a junior bed with suitable conversion sides. Otherwise, your child will now be happy about a completely new cot.

As a toddler, your child wants to discover the world and let their imagination run wild. You support it by giving it to you interactive toys give. This is, for example, a marble run, a rocking horse or a funny draft animal that your little rascal can pull behind him on rollers. Smaller toys, such as building blocks, cuddly toys or the first dolls, find their place in a spacious toy box. In a small bookshelf you can now start collecting the beautiful picture books that you look at together in quiet moments.

When your child gets into the so-called defiant phase, they want to do a lot alone and therefore sometimes withdraw. It is all the more important that the nursery for toddlers offers opportunities for this and invites your child to rest. You can do that with a cozy children's armchair or a children's sofa. Children's tables and chairs are also popular for painting and playing tea parties.

Tip: Small children often have nightmares. A colorful children's lamp or a small night light can make your child feel safe.

Already really big: furniture for elementary school children

Schooling is the beginning of a great adventure for your child. A new phase of life begins and this is also reflected in the children's room. Where there used to be space for children's tables and chairs, there is now a height-adjustable and tiltable children's desk. Your child not only paints on it, but also does his or her schoolwork.

If you take a look at the children's shelves, you will now find fewer stuffed animals, instead the first books without pictures and fun games. Instead of building blocks or wooden ball tracks are now Playmobil and Lego scattered around the room. The wardrobe from baby days is usually no longer sufficient and you should replace it with a larger one. If there was a junior bed in the children's room before, now is the time for the first cot. This may invite you to play and, for example, be colorful or has space as a loft bed for a cave under the bed.

Tip: Find the new furniture together with your child, because they are proud that they are already so big.

The exciting change: from the children's room to the youth room

When horse posters and cartoon heroes slowly give way to pop stars and football idols, then a new era will be ushered in: puberty begins - just like your child his room changes too. Children's room furniture is then often too small or simply too colorful.

Again, you should involve your child in redesigning the room. Perhaps you would also like to be inspired by the complete youth rooms, in which everything is coordinated. The uniform look looks mature and makes it easier for you to choose. In many cases, your child will also need a new bed during this time. Has this Drawers or a bed box, there is space for guest bed linen. This is useful when your child has overnight visits.

If the desk has become too small, you can replace it with a larger one. In youth chests of drawers, teenagers have additional storage space and they can set up their first television on small TV tables. Many children get theirs when they enter puberty first own desktop PC or laptop. If there is enough space in the room, you can also consider getting a computer desk.

Tip: A loft bed is recommended for smaller rooms. The space underneath can then be used well for a computer table or for a cozy sitting area.

Child-friendly furniture: an overview of the materials

Children's room furniture is made from different materials with different advantages. All are designed for that Use in the nursery well endured - for example, when a toy is flying around.

A lot of children's room furniture is made of solid wood, but also made of wood-based material. The former contributes to the fact that the wood is durable and robust, the latter can be used in a variety of ways. As a rule, the wood in furniture is treated and can oiled, lacquered or plastic-coated be.

A plastic coating makes it easy to clean and maintain furniture. Furniture of this type is a good choice, especially for smaller children, where something gets dirty or stained quickly. Lacquering makes furniture bright and colorful. Because babies and toddlers can also explore their world with their mouths, the paint should be used Saliva-resistant up to kindergarten age be. You can find out more from the product description.

With these ten tips for a beautiful and safe children's room

Children are inventive and demanding. So that you can make your child happy and leave them unattended in their room for a short time, here are a few tips from us.

  1. Let new furniture evaporate for a few days on the balcony, basement, or garage. So the smell disappears.
  2. Turn the furniture assembly carefully tighten all screws, so that your toddler does not loosen them and possibly swallow them.
  3. Look for rounded edges on furniture with young children.
  4. Always keep diapers and toiletries out of reach of your crawling child on. This will prevent it from accidentally putting plastic in its mouth and swallowing it.
  5. Children like bright and cheerful colors, young people often feel more comfortable with white, gray or plain wood.
  6. For more stability you should Attach shelves and chests of drawers to the wall. Then they stop when things get a little turbulent in the children's room.
  7. You attach child safety locks to the sockets. These should get stuck until you enter secondary school.
  8. Always plan some space in the nursery so that your child can assemble toys and let them sit for a few days.