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Translation: What is Indila singing in the lyrics for "Dernière danse" in German?

With her debut single "Dernière danse" Indila achieved a phenomenal breakthrough - not only in France. The single strapped to the top of the charts worldwide. We took a closer look at the German lyrics of "Derniére danse"!

Indila has just released her first album, and the French singer is already considered the new Èdith Piaf. Her debut single "Dernièr danse", which helped Indila achieve an international breakthrough, earned her this reputation. The exceptional talent achieved this not only because of her extraordinary voice, but also because of the touching lyrics.

In "Dernière danse", Indila addresses a very serious topic: Racism among young people! Indila can literally sing a song about that. The real name of Indila is Adila Sedraïa and comes - as her name already reveals - from a family of Algerian descent, but also of Cambodian, Egyptian and Indian families.

Growing up in Paris, the singer often struggled with racism at a young age. In the lyrics, Indila tells us what it feels like to be confronted with xenophobic statements and actions. And how she managed to deal with it. Wrapped in the lyrics, Indila reveals that you always have to have a bit of hope and optimism in you to endure the pain.

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