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11 international supermarkets in Munich that you should know about

Have you not stumbled into a small Turkish or Asian supermarket and your first thought was: "Yesss, I don't know half of them, but much better than Aldi. Today there is something different!"? Good plan. The reality check usually puts a line through your shopping list - no time, no cash, no prescription, no ideas, no idea. Next time then. We make it easier for you to prepare and present eleven alternatives to Edeka, Ghetto-Netto and Co .. Decide on a culinary destination, pack a bag and a recipe idea and off you go!

© Russian Standard Putin cups and pelmeni in the Russian standard

Are you a fan of unusual birthday gifts? Then forget about Amazon and try the Russian standard. There are cups with Putin caught in the wild, matryoshkas (dolls made of wood and brightly painted, nestable dolls), canned caviar and hip flasks. If you are more on the lookout for food, you will find Russian products as well as a lot from Poland, Armenia and Ukraine. For example pelmeni (dumplings), Russian beer, juice made from birch bark or dried fish. There is even a video of the owner drinking vodka - cliché come out!

© Miriam Worek Döner and spices at Verdi

The Verdi supermarket - no longer an insider tip - still has to be included in this guide. In front of what feels like a 5,000 square meter shop, there are displays of all kinds of inexpensive vegetables. Inside, the sensory overload awaits: bundles of herbs, exotic fruits, fresh olives, Arabic bread for 70 cents and an extra-long fish and meat counter. If you have managed this marathon, you can confidently reward yourself with the in-house veal doner kebab.

© Miriam Worek Indian zucchini in the Bollywood store

When entering the Bollywood store you are greeted by the scent of coriander and a smile from the owner Raul. The large selection of (to me) unknown vegetables, which Raul likes to explain in more detail, is particularly eye-catching. For example okra pods, Indian zucchini or long beans. For all yogis or meditation fans among you: you will find a wide selection of incense sticks, spices and teas here. And for those of you who expected a Bollywood memorial gate - don't worry, there are even a couple of DVDs. Add a ginger beer and the Indian evening is guaranteed. Namaste!

© Miriam Worek Persian ice cream in the Jordan supermarket

In the relatively small supermarket, halva, tea, cubic meter glasses with pickled vegetables and Iranian rice cookers are lined up. In addition to large bowls with various nuts, there is a shelf full of decorated pastries and in the freezer in the middle of the room you will find Persian ice cream. If you need advice, the personable owner sits 'at hand' behind his counter. Definitely worth shopping!

© Polonika Supermarket Fresh Pierogi in Polonika

Polish cuisine is especially famous for its traditional dumplings, the pierogi. These bags are among those dishes that you would rather buy than make yourself. A good spot for this is the Polonika supermarket in Maxvorstadt. If you prefer to eat Polish cake instead of yeast dough, you will also find it here. But of course the range offers a lot more than just sweets and dumplings. Get on the bike and find out.

© Miriam Worek Bosnian coffee and Suho Meso in the Deja market

Anyone who has ever been to the Balkans will appreciate the open and warm mentality of the people. For example, tourists can be recognized immediately by the Coffee To Go, as the locals consciously enjoy their coffee together and in peace. In Bosnia this is served with Lokum, a cube-shaped sweet with many different flavors (sesame, roses, pistachios, coconut). In the Deja supermarket you will find particularly finely ground coffee and sweets as well as pickled vegetables of all kinds. My recommendation: you should definitely try 'Suho Meso', smoked beef dried meat!

© Mikado Feinkost Japanese instant soups at Mikado Feinkost

UNESCO has named traditional Japanese cuisine a World Heritage Site. However, that doesn't change the fact that I've never cooked Japanese before. That will definitely change after my visit to Mikado Feinkost. Even laypeople will receive very competent and cordial advice here. In addition to Japanese confectionery, chopsticks, teas and sushi ingredients, you will also find a heavenly selection of instant soups on the shelves. If you're on the "autumn is coming, I'm going back to fitness" trip, you should definitely try the low-fat, low-carbohydrate, healthy Japanese cuisine.

© Miriam Worek Korean shopping at Asia Lebensmittel

There are enough grocery stores with Asian products in Munich and they are usually almost all the same name. Don't be fooled by the name "Asia Lebensmittel", this is a Korean store. It's not very big, but still offers a diverse selection of Korean foods and, on top of that, a small food station with a manageable menu. During the week there is a daily special from 3.90 euros. Make your choice and pull out your chopsticks!

  • Asia food
  • Mozartstrasse 3, 80336 Munich
  • Monday - Friday: 9 a.m. - 7 p.m., Saturday: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
  • Dish of the day: small portion 3.90 euros, large portion 5.90 euros

© Mercado de Mexico Tortillas and tequila in the Mercado de Mexico

For all Latin America travelers among you who don't feel like eating tortillas in Sausalitos, the Mercado de Mexico is exactly the right place to go. Be sure to try the fresh tortillas made from corn or wheat flour, which you can fill up at home in a way that is typical for the country or simply baked with a lot of cheese. Tip for all Club Mate fans: Here you can get three times as pushing yerba mate, which is not called the drink of the gods for nothing. Those who prefer to satisfy their longing for Mexico with alcohol: there is a large selection of tequila and Mexican beer. Vamos amigos!

© Feinkost Canova Ready-to-bake pizza at Feinkost Canova

In addition to the large selection of wines, the sausage and cheese counter and the 50 types of pasta, the "genius" of this Giesingen delicatessen is definitely the ready-to-bake pizza. For example, a Quattro Formaggi pizza for an unbeatable three euros and thirty cents. How it works? You can choose from 32 different pizzas (2.60 to 5.10 euros), which Ms. Canova freshly places with the ingredients from the shop counter. Depending on your taste, you can bake or freeze them at home and put the pizza in the oven for breakfast on a hangover Sunday. Sounds good right?

© British Allsorts Indian pale ale and all kinds of pies in British Allsorts

God Save The Queen - The British are not necessarily known for their fine cuisine. Whatever. It can only get really British with the biscuits from the last London trip. And the HP steak sauce. And the Harney & Sons Earl Gray. The shop in Ramersdorf specializes in products from the United Kingdom. An Eldorado for every pie lover. There's also a free chat with the owners.