Where can I find or download QBasic

Quick Basic: Introduction

QuickBASIC is a programming language from Microsoft. The program is equipped with a fully functional development environment with interpreter and compiler so that you can compile your own programs into executable files. The syntax is kept simple so that the code is easy to read. This means that even beginners can develop their own applications quickly and easily.

QBasic in the American version

In 1991 a slimmed down version came out: QBASIC 1.1. With this version it is no longer possible to create executable EXE files and is therefore a pure interpreter. It was marketed with the MS-DOS operating system from 1991. The QBASIC interpreter was also included with Windows 98.

The programming language is no longer developed today, so version 7.1 is the last, official version (only available in English). There is no Windows version of the program, so you cannot use the WinAPI with QuickBASIC, for example. However, QBASIC and QuickBASIC can be used with Windows XP without any problems. I have not yet tested whether it works under Vista and 7. On the website listed below, QBASIC and QuickBASIC can be downloaded free of charge under "Downloads".

FreeBasic is the unofficial successor to the programming language and is completely free and open source. The syntax is very similar to the original and can compile real Windows applications, but also 32-bit applications for DOS. The program is currently still in beta, but it is being developed regularly.

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