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Convert video and audio files with VLC player

The VLC player is known to be able to play almost any file format. But converting also works with the all-rounder without any problems.

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The jack-of-all-trades among multimedia programs: the VLC player plays almost any format.

Regardless of whether Windows, Linux or macOS: Every computer comes standard with suitable software to play audio and video. The media player VLC can not only play almost all known file formats, but also convert media files if desired.

Countless different file formats

However, there are countless different file formats for sound and video files. This can mean that an audio or video file cannot be played because the player used does not support the file format. It is therefore advisable to install the free player VLC:

This is how files can be converted with the VLC player

This software is very flexible and can handle almost all known file formats for audio and video. If you like, you can use it to translate (convert) media files into another format. To do this, start the VLC player. Then select the "Convert / Save" function in the "Media" menu, click on "Add" and search for the media file. Then click on the drop-down arrow next to the "Convert / Save" button. The format of the output file can be selected here. Now define the name and folder for the converted file. As soon as "Start" is clicked, the actual conversion begins.
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